Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apple MacBook Air

I'm not a fan of Apple Mac but when I saw that Macbook Air , I forgot I was a Microsoft fanboy!. Come on, do you see that thin notebook? Heck, maybe it's as thin as a potato chip! It's like a mammoth trampled over that piece of gadgetry! For a price of $1799 dollars, You'll have on your hands the worlds thinnest notebook! See the pictures after the jump!

I found this at geekculture.com

What situation would the World's Thinnest Notebook most excel at?

  • Fixing a wobbly table at a restaurant.
  • If the cookie jar was just .16 inch out of your reach!
  • Makes a fine serving tray.
  • Doormat?
  • Slipping into the World's Fattest Guy's pocket.
  • Causing my drool gland to overwork


See the comic strip

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