Thursday, March 06, 2008

Revenge of the Former LG Employee

A new plasma display panel technology developed by LG Electronics has been leaked to a Chinese company by their former employee, dealing a loss of one trillion won, or more than one billion dollars, to the Korean economy. Details after the jump

*image from The Raw Feed

A 49 year old employee named Jeong apparently copy over some 1,182 top secret plasma display technology-related files onto his personal drive and left LG last July 2005 then sold it to Changhong-Orion PDP-Chaihong, China's display manufacturer, paid him a salary of about $300,000 a year (not to mention a few perks: free apartment, vehicle etc.), while casually accepting the aforementioned LG files. The company is reported to start making these plasma panels with LG technology this December.

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