Monday, March 24, 2008

Sandara Park kisses T.O.P. on new Gummy Video

After her exodus last August. Sandara Park finally seen the limelight once again in South Korea. She was partnered with T.O.P. who came from the group Big Bang. Details after the jump.

R&B artist, Gummy (a.k.a. Gumi or Spider) has returned to the Korean scene with another ballad. Discovered during her freshmen year of high school, her seven year training paid off. Since her debut with YG Entertainment, she remained one of the most truthful artists in Korea- never following the Kpop scene. Because she was too good for Big Mama, YG's President decided to make her a solo artist.
She had a long hiatus because of her unsuccessful crossover to the Japanese market, hoping to follow Se7en's semi-success. Though she's been 'forgotten' every time she's not promoting, she always manages to hit us with another powerful note in each song. During the recording of her new album, Comfort in 2007, she renewed her contract with YG Family and has been featured in Big Bang's LIES (Koh Ji Mal).

Her new long awaited Music Video from her new album, featuring Big Bang's T.O.P. kissing Sandara Park.

pics taken from spiderliliez


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