Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally blogged about something!

I didn't go to work today so I had a chance to go on an adventure. I wanted to go to the gym and Tristan suggested that we try Fitness First MoA (Mall of Asia). and this entry my friend, is the things I saw with my very own eyes during the adventure. Here we go:

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Lookie here! It's my alma mater's / former work's advertisement! Sarah Geronimo is teh bomb! Really, innocent looking and all...err..let's continue.

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Finally I arrived at Fitness First MoA branch. All I can say is, it is waaay better than the one on The Block. Admit it, Fitness First The Block's name should be changed to Business First. Almost a year ago, I enjoyed exercising there, but now, lot's and lot's of member everywhere! Maybe I should relocate to MoA?

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It's Buddha'a birthday today! uber coolness! and not just that! They even have a mascot of Buddha himself! Why can't we have a mascot of Jesus?

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(just zoom-in BTW, camphone only!)

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We headed back to Trinoma to watch The Forbidden Kingdom, coz it's a lot cheaper to watch in Trinoma..'nuff said. You can read my review here.

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Yes look at these two boys here! look how happy they are!

Oh wait it's over? Till next time!


Ed said...

Hahaha.. Kaw sir ah.. lagot ka di ka pumasok sa work (Info)?hahaah.. Nice to hear that you're still going to the gym. Nakakainggit!! I haven't been to gym for months now..tsk tsk..

Siopao Master said...

uy sir! printing ng grades slips nun eh kaya d na ako pumasok hahaha! Ngayon nga relasing of grades hindi rin ako pumasok eh! sayang naman hindi ka na nakakapag gym. ako nilulubos ko lang ang pagkakataon eh