Saturday, May 31, 2008

Filipino Stereotypes


Function: noun
: something conforming to a fixed or general pattern; especially : an often oversimplified or biased mental picture held to characterize the typical individual of a group

Filipinos nowadays tend to stereotype the work of every individual. If you are working at Makati you are a "professional" compared to people working decently on other places.

If you work as a call center agent, you are a "high earning" individual compared to other jobs. No more "I'm proud to be an Engineer" or "I am an architect!" only "I work at a call center, I can buy whatever I want" and "Nursing is the only course here in the Philippines." I am a teacher by profession, and some of my so called "friends" look at me as "an employee who earns less" compared to their fat paycheck. I admit my salary is lower than his, but I love my job. I love sharing the knowledge I learned and I'm happy seeing their faces when discovering something new. If all of the people think like my "friend", The world now really is controlled by money.

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Jepoy said...

o.. sino yang "friend" na yan from a call center? :P