Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wi - Fi Zone of the Enders

IEEE 802.11 also known as Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) is a technology being taken for granted by people these days. I still remember rhe time where a "hotspot" is like an oasis for us net surfers, but that is now a thing of the past.

More and more establishments today are jumping on the WiFi bandwagon. The former "exclusive" to Starbucks Coffee is now being used by other establishments. SM North Edsa is one big hotspot. But the connection needs a prepaid card to be purchased on their information Counter. Glorietta 4 also is a hotspot, but it needs purchasing as well. Enough with the colossal ones, food chains nowadays also provide WiFi. Jollibee offers free connection...for now. Burger King also gives a free connection and heck even let you plug your gadget on their outlet or charger provided. Schools also brag that their campuses are WiFi enabled, like AMA Computer University and Informatics International College. One establishment though gave me the creeps. That is St. Peter's Memorial Chapel providing WiFi for the dead...err for their departed love ones. While mourning, you can access You Tube and watch Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital Scandal.

So as I observe the "majority" using these technology exclusive before to us geeks, they waste the bandwidth on checking their Friendster profile, uploading their korny You Tube videos and chatting over Yahoo Messenger, heck even order a small size drink at Starbucks just to "show-off" their laptop they don't even know how to fix. I know I know before some of my readers react, yeah they have the right to browse wherever they please, but as far as I remember, WiFi is used before by businessmen sending that crucial report or submitting that important data via email. Oh well, can't blame those people who doesn't have an internet at home but has a laptop and leech out the net on a hotspot. The price for technological advancement is steep.

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