Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't Mess with my Mom!

Never mess with my mom, story after the jump!

Ok, my mom was about to pay the fee for July 2008 for Fitness First when the cashier told her that she haven't paid for the moth of June because the payment was adjusted due to the fact that we didn't paid for October 2007..take note..October 2007. How the hell we failed to pay for that said month? We were paying in CASH, gaddamit! If we failed to pay on the said month, we failed to pay on the succeeding months! My mom went into Berserker Rrage and killed all the cashiers....no seriously, she shouted at the cashier for being stupid, for in the first place, we DID pay for October 2007 (we had a receipt) and transferring our May 2008 payment to October 2007 without our consent really ticked her off. Fitness First is really Business First

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