Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Frozen Glade server wipe

They say every beginning has its ending. Every start has an end. After two years, Frozen Glade, a private Ragnarok Online server will be completely wipe out to give way to a fresh new server.

Since i joined the server last March 2008, Frozen Glade became second life to me, my friends were also there and we share the same goal, become a great player. We sticked together through thick and thin. I I C Q C, Bubble Hearts and finally Unforgiven Reborn were the guilds that made us closer to each other. Too bad, LXG, an all Filipino guild, destroyed the integrity of Frozen Glade by duplicating items. A fellow Filipino, rob me of my happiness. I wanted to blame them, but I just let it go. I hope they die a tragic death anyway. The wipe out is scheduled this June 8, 2008 and I decided to take a chance again, play once more just for fun.

Final screenshots

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