Monday, June 09, 2008

Guy had a killing spree in Akihabara

A guy named Tomohiro Kato, aged 25, rented a 2 ton truck which he drove to Akihabara from Shizuoka then went on a killing spree, killing 12 and injuring many.

He drove at about 70 Kph into the main crossing at Akihabara which is pedestrianized on a Sunday and hit 3 people. One of the victims was vomiting huge amounts of blood while another lay on the ground with a twisted body.

Kato stopped his truck and headed back to where the victims lay while stabbing 3 people on his way. When he got to the victims at the crossing, he got on top of one and stabbed them repeatedly. He also stabbed a police office who came to apprehend him.

Kato then ran into the crowds and stated to stab more people. A total of 7 people died and another 10 injured - most of these people were stabbed from behind and it looks like one was stabbed in the neck.

Witnesses said that Kato had a frenzy look on his face and that he looked like he was enjoying his killing spree.

An officer chased Kato down an alley and tried to apprehend Kato with a stick. Kato started to scream and shout until the police officer pulled out his gun and said "I'm going to shoot!" where upon Kato collapsed to the ground and gave himself in.

Akihabara is an electronics quarters of Tokyo known as a center of Japanese subculture, including manga and animation, attracting many visitors from Japan and abroad.

Source: Japan Probe

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