Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What's wrong with children's toys these days?

Ok, first you heard about the Hello Kitty Vibrator now feast your eyes on these 2 new toys for kids

The Dora Aquapet!

look at that phallic symbol!
and finally from Harry Potter, a vibrating broom!

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Now what on Earth came into the minds of the design team of this Dora toy? Did they ever wonder why mommy had more time playing with this toy rather than her kids? Let's just leave the rest play in your minds ok? Not just that, what's with the Harry Potter vibrating broomstick? Tucked between the legs of young girls, and even their older sisters enjoyed the toy.

BTW, this one is shopped, but gives you the idea of the broom's use XD

A toy you had young girls and boys put between their legs...that vibrated.
Had a lot of angry parents, confused boys and happy pedos.