Monday, September 01, 2008

Anino Pwned for Piracy

Anino Games was owned by the NBI lately due to issues regarding the use of pirated software. Anino Games was popularly known as the one who created the first all Filipino game entitled Anito which was developed on a gaming software named DarkBasic, which is the "older brother" of Blitz3D, the software I used to develop my thesis way back in college. Hmmm I wonder if their DarkBasic is licensed or pirated? *smirk*

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Filipino video game developer Anino Games Inc. is currently on hot water after the raid of the National Bureau of Investigation last August 22nd 2008. The raid was a result of the complaint filed by AutoDesk at the NBI's Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division.

NBI confiscated 36 computers installed with alleged illegal copies of AutoDesk applications which include 3D Studio Max 2008, 3D Studio Max 9, Maya 8.5, AutoCAD 2008, Maya 2008 and Combustion 4.

Anino Games President Niel Dagondon released the following statement to after the raid, "the company has always been willing to work with AutoDesk... "[A]ttacks such as these are damaging not just to Anino and its staff but to the entire Philippine creative and outsourcing industry in general. This has a negative effect not only on Anino's operations but to the reputation of Philippine offshore service providers as a whole composed of dollar-earning companies whose clients are mainly based abroad"

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