Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Movies to watch on 2009

2008 is not yet over but I'm dying to watch some movies that are due next year. Why can't I wait? Check this line-up and see for yourself:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This one's obvious. After removed from its original screening which is November 21, this latest sequel to the Harry Potter saga is planning a July 17 2009 worldwide premiere. I don't care about the agonizing delay, I just wanted to watch the second to the last installment of the Harry Potter saga.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Set 2 years after the first movie. Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg said in interviews that, if they ever made a sequel to "Transformers", they would make a big-screen adaptation of the Unicron Saga, since they feel it's the most logical plot for a sequel as it spans nearly every form of Transfomers media (the original series, the newer cartoon and the comic books). Scheduled for airing on June 26, 2009.

Dragon Ball

The anime all of our generation loved has a Hollywood adaptation. I know anime+Hollywood=suck but based on the pictures, it looks promising. I will watch this because I wanted to revisited some childhood memories watching this.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Who would have thought that the now classic game Resident Evil 2 will finally have a sequel that is full CG? After years of finishing Resident Evil 2, I'd been longing for a sequel and long have I waited for this moment!

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