Sunday, September 07, 2008

STI is proud of their 84% passing rate; Nothing much to be proud of

I was watching Rated K today and they featured STI College, an old nemesis of my Alma Mater AMA University. Old, because they were not much of a threat anymore. Anyway, they mentioned that the passing rate of their school in the recent Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination (PNLE) held last June 2008 was 84%. It might say that it's not bad. but as I double-checked it on their website, it turns out that the 84% they were talking about was 55/66 of their examinees. Sheesh! 66 examinees?! Come on, they should be proud if it's 100%, but with 66 examinees, 84% is really low and they should be ashamed of it. No wonder they didn't mentioned the number of examinees on Rated K. My sister told me to let them be for it's their first time achieving that. Oh well, I'll let it pass for now.

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