Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

As the last hours of 2008 is winding down, I once again review the past year to prepare for the coming year

The year started with a shock as my student and fellow gamer THE PWNERER died from an accident. I coudn't grasp the fact that he's dead and i will no longer see and hear his jolly personality.. This month is also the month my very best friend left me for good. She and her husband migrated to Saudi Arabia but promised to keep in touch with me..a promise that was never kept..On the other hand, my all time favorite Happy Slip went to visit here in the Philippines, but I never had the chance to see her. sigh..bad month for me I guess

This is the month when Happy Slip toured the Philippines where I never had the chance to see her. This month also is the month when I met my new friend Laarni Aquino.

Finally I was happy because my dad came home from Saudi Arabia. He's been working there for 20 years now and he comes only once a year for a vacation.

Marked as the month I switched to Bayan DSL and left my crappy PLDT myDSL for good

My new buddy was pregnant! She was due on December. I'm scheduled to be the God Father

Frozen Glade, the server where me and my students play Ragnarok was wiped out and I quit Ragnarok for good. Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft

Flagship Studios closed and the last episode of Avatar the Last air Bender was aired

A display cabinet was built on my room. My figure collection started when I acquired the bunny version Asuka. I joined Otakai Figure Society, a forum for toy collectors like me.Ely Buendia suffered a heart attack from the Eraserheads Reunion concert.

Google launched their own browser, the Google Chrome. Anino Games was raided and penalized for using pirated software. My co-faculties gave me a very memorable birthday.

I was being recruited by Tsukiden..a Japanese outsourcing company. am I about to leave my profession? Find out in 2009

My quest for toy collecting continued as I filled my cabinet with more toys!

A strange heavenly formation occurred as the sky smiled upon us. My best buddy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she named her Lovely Lucy. I once again completed the 9 mornings novena. Takipsilim was announced and it made a ruckus on the internet. ABS-CBN allegedly canned the project.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Takipsilim: Blessing or Curse?

Flowell officially declared the news of the Filipino Twilight remake a hoax!

Last December 23, nilabas ni Edgar Cruz ang article about sa remake ng ABS-CBN ng movie na Twilight, and the same time Perez Hilton releases his version of the clamor where everyone were furious about the idea. This morning i received an email from Tito Ed Cruz of regarding the updates on the alleged remake/adaptation of Twilight, with the local title Takipsilip where Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will be the main cast.

Here is Tito Ed's email as posted on the Entertainment Section of

“Di ko alam ako pala magdi-direct ng ‘Twilight,’” director Cathy Garcia Molina curtly replied when Buzzbox asked her if she is opting for a localized version of the blockbuster vampire novel. The buzz is that ABS-CBN had acquired the rights to the novel for US$1 million and that Cathy has been selected to direct it with Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen and Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan.

Cathy informed Buzzbox her schedule is heavy as she has to finish principal photography and post-production of the John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo starrer “A Very Special Love 2,” Star Cinema’s Valentine offering, before she could work on a new project.

This led Buzzbox to inquire from the talent managers of the actors in the unofficial cast if they have been casted for specific roles. Anjie Ureta, manager of Chin Chin Gutierrez who will do the role of Esme Cullen replied, “As of today we have not received information or inquiry regarding ‘Twilight’ remake for Dos.” Becky Aguila, the manager of Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale and Empress Schuck as Angela Weber, texted, “Di ko alam. Wala pang sinasabi.” Veronique del Rosario, the manager of Nikki Bacolod as Victoria answered, “Wala pang offer.”

Could this don’t-know approach be a ruse? I got this idea when Carlo Orosa, the manager of Karylle as Rosalie Hale, originally answered “Wala pang official.” When asked for a clarification, replied, “Can’t be revealed yet.” Could it be the whole project is still a top secret and people in the know were asked not to talk about it. This may be similar to the information embargo ordered by ABS-CBN top management for “I Love Betty La Fea” as to the actor who would play the role of Armando. This turned to be John Lloyd Cruz which Buzzbox correctly second-guessed.

There are strong reactions from ‘Twilight” cult fans that a petition for ABS-CBN not to proceed with the project is on-going. The petition centers two issues: ABS-CBN’s lack of ability to do justice to the novel and Rayver not being fit to do the Edward Allen part. Before they do this, they have to find out first if the buzz is for real or a hoax?

Save the effort and hate words, guys! Buzzbox clarified with ABS-CBN Corporate Communication Head Bong Osorio and after checking with ABS-CBN Television Head Cory Vidanes categorically stated: “There is no plan for ABS-CBN to remake ‘Twilight.’”

The original article on has already been deleted and the guy who posted that probably got slapped real hard.

Quoting my plurk buddy SuperBitch

haha sabi lang nila hoax yan kasi nega ang feedback so my feel is that they canned it before they even started.. lmao...

It is true many violently reacted to the news and many wanted to kill Rayver and Shaina, maybe they canned the project to save the lives of their two talents

Mr. Pierre Tito Galla the new Christy Fermin?

I don't want to comment on the blabbering of Joker in Exile A.K.A. Mr. Pierre Tito Galla about his twisted post regarding the Philippine Blog Awards and altering my post, but when the credibility of GameOPS is being threatened, I must take action and stop this nonsense.

I don't need to explain each and every detail of the situation because you can find it here. What I'm deeply troubled is to what Mr. Pierre Tito Galla is becoming. He's being mutated to Christy Fermin, now I don't have any qualms with Tita Christy and I know she'll be offended if I compare her to a nobody like Pierre (can I call you that Joker?) but what I'm trying to point out here is that Pierre is taking the facts and manipulating it to create sensationalize information. More like a tabloid article than a informative post I might say. Maybe he wanted to be a writer in Bulgar or Abante? Orrr maybe he wanted to be a contributor in The Buzz or Star Talk. We will never know unless he shed his cocoon and fly like a butterfly.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

My collections in detail

This is a video of my collection. Tired of making a list but will post it soon

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

9 Mornings

I just finished today the 9 mornings novena for the preparation of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ which is known here as the "Simbang Gabi"

It starts on December 16 and ends at December 24..the eve of Christmas. A 9-morning mass celebrated usually at 4 o'clock in the morning in devotion to the coming of the Messiah. A tradition by the Filipinos originally intended for the farmers who cannot attend the usual morning mass which is 7:30am . Simbang Gabi is incomplete without the bibingkas and puto bungbongs sold in front of the churches. It is believed that if you attend all 9 masses you can make a wish and it will come true one way or another, a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. The validity of the said claim may or may not be true, many Catholics still wake up in the morning and attend the novena masses. I think it is within yourself your wishes can possibly come true.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 recent facts about me

Lately anonymark tagged me and this is my response to the call

10 Facts About Me

drum roll please

1. I am and still single...since birth!
2. I love collecting female figures like large pvc figs and gashapons
3. Siopao Master was born on the now closed Nyoy Volante and Mannos forum
4. I love sushi and coffee milk tea
5. I always dream of going to the promised land (Japan)
6. I admit that I'm a geek and an otaku (which I see no difference)
7. I am a hopeless romantic
8. I fell in love with my student.
9. I was recently awarded the most improved employee of Informatics International College Diliman
10. I'm looking for the one with the glass slipper

I won't be tagging anyone since I have a limited circle of friends who blog

Monday, December 01, 2008

The sky smiled upon us

picture from Poyt

A strange heavenly formation is visible tonight at the clear sky. Luna,Jupiter and Venus formed a formation that is very familiar to us. A smiley! Poyt and my other fellow plurkers/bloggers posted their pictures of the smiling sky. Too bad my camera doesn't have a battery *sigh*

You can visit Poyt's post here