Thursday, January 08, 2009

Issues Regarding Anime Virginity

Yes, you read it right folks, virginity is a major issue in the anime community. Recently fans of the popular anime Kannagi were in awe as the main protagonist Nagi recently had a scandal. Juicy details after the jump

Nagi revealed on the manga that she had a boyfriend before thus otakus everywhere assumed that she's not a virgin. Sankaku Complex recently reported that otakus violently reacted on this issue which can be read here and some had gone overboard and publicly destroyed his collection of Kannagi mangas (details here). Seriously, if we assume Nagi is a real person, is having a boyfriend automatically means she's no longer a virgin? and if she's not a virgin, does it really matter in the world of anime which is we all know is completely based on its creator? What the world is coming to anyway?

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