Sunday, May 31, 2009

PSP Go out in Autumn 2009

Once again Sony made an iteration of their Playstation Portable by making it more "portable". PSP Go was designed to be more compact and no UMD in sight. Another major change is clearly directly linked to this: the PSP Go gains a very reasonable 16GB of solid state memory, along with a slot allowing use of another memory device. Bluetooth support is also added.

The balance of probability suggests Sony intends online distribution of content to the device via its own PlayStation Network, which is exactly what Nintendo is trying with its latest DS iteration.

The most immediately noticeable change is of the course the redesigned slimline form of the case, using a slide-out form factor familiar from mobile phones, and by the looks of it allowed by the removal of the relatively bulky optical drive

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vote for Dianne Elise on Radio Music Awards

Dianne Elise, one of the most admired rising artist in our music industry was nominated in the Pop Female category for her rendition of "If You are not the one" at the Philippine Radio Music Awards. Please let us support her by giving a simple prayer if it is not much to ask. You can also vote for her as the people's choice at the PRMA website located here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not everything on Twitter is real

Twitter is one of the largest online service for microblogging (like blogging, but just simple phrases or thoughts). We all saw it grew from a simple past time to an internet phenomenon. We all remembered Ashton Kutcher achieved his 1 millionth follower on Twitter which is a feat indeed. Followed by Oprah Winfrey creating a Twitter account that made Twitter a household name all over the world. Everyone wanted to be famous, everyone wanted to be talked about in the internet. Recently that fame was put into question. The supposed to be "Oldest person to twit" and the "First twit in space" has been proved to be false, find out how after the jump.

The oldest person to twit

On May 15 two UK newspapers ran the story about 104 year old woman “Ivy Bean” / @ivybean104 joining Twitter. Both The Daily Telegraph and The Sun ran with the story, which was followed up and “celebrated” by The Next Web blog.

What none of these stories told you, however, was that poor old Ivy had not joined Twitter just because it was suddenly the talk of the old peoples home. No. She joined because home PC maintenance company Geek Squad signed her up, propped her up for a photo opportunity and press-released the hell out of it. And frankly I hope they paid her, or at least donated to her favourite charity because this is one of the most self-serving, cynical PR stunts I can remember.

“I’m enjoying Twitter for the first time and having my photo taken.”

Now, she Tweeted that Tweet at “10:02 AM May 14th from web”. That’s important, because this was only one day before the story went live on the Sun, and Telegraph site at 8:20am May 15. In other words, cynical Geek Squad had already targeted Ivy as being the oldest person they could find and convince to go on Twitter. The fact it was a day before the story went live speaks volumes.

Ivy also Tweeted:

“I’m on Twitter! Come and follow my feed at IvyBean104.”

Since when did a 104 year old suddenly start using words like “feed”?

In fact, only The Sun newspaper actually indicated that this might all be PR-nonsense cooked up by Geek Squad, referring to its “Silver Surfers’ Day” campaign to “encourage more elderly people to get online”. Classic PR-guff.

However, TechCrunch’s (and here’s our apology) MG Seigler decided this whole thing was a ruse to get The Telegraph onto Digg. And admittedly, The Telegraph has been gaining a reputation for using Digg quite substantially lately. It gets a lot of traffic from social sites, and the UK press has a sneaking suspicion Tele sub editors have all taken courses in headline writing for Digg.

However, we’re happy to point out that the story wasn’t just cooked up by the Telegraph to get onto Digg - but lots of journalists and bloggers fell for Geek Squad’s PR.

Compounding the issue however is The Next Web which seems to think TechCrunch’s non-scoop was itself an attempt to get on Digg - and predictibly did a post on it in a slightly bizarre tirade. Clearly, The Next Web did not realise it was a Geek Squad press release the first time round and still hasn’t. They sign off their story with “This is clearly not a completely fabricated story.” Instead it attacks TechCrunch for not celebrating the fact a 104 year old is on Twitter, a story which “made people smile”.

Come again? Since when were independent bloggers supposed to just celebrate things - instead of getting the facts right?

My view is that WHERE stories come from is at least as important as what they are about. I hope we can all learn from this episode. In the race to feverishly post about Twitter, sometimes the facts are starting to get lost in the hype.

Oh, and to complete this ridiculous circle, feel free to Digg this post.

Update: As commenters below point out, Ivy was two years ago signed up to Facebook by her care home to be the “oldest person on Facebook”, presumably after they were incensed that a 97-year old French youngster had laid claim to the title. I look forward to the day Ivy is signed up by Digg as their “oldest user” and to her actually getting something out of being used in this way, simply because of her age.

Update II: A few people have inferred that I think @ivybean104 is actually fake - that she’s not tweeting herself. Frankly unless someone videos her doing it it’s going to be hard to absolutely verify, though her Tweetstream (e.g. “just had my tea now its a game of dominos with my friends”) looks plausible. What is slightly odd however is the fact she is following 94 people, many of whom, like @barclayjen in Columbia, SC, (Geek Squad was the first account she followed btw) she is unlikely to know personally. Unless 104 year olds are a lot more socially networked than I previously thought…

via TechCrunch UK

First twit in space

Did a NASA astronaut really "tweet" from space?

That's the question bouncing around Twitter about "@Astro_Mike," or Mike Massimino, an astronaut on space shuttle Atlantis, set to land today at Kennedy Space Center.

On May 12, Massimino wrote, "From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!"

Ever since, NASA, newspapers, TV shows and blogs have been crediting him as the first person to post on the microblogging service, or "tweet," while in orbit.

In reality, Massimino writes his updates in space and then e-mails them to Houston, where a NASA employee posts them to his Twitter profile. That often takes hours because e-mails are only transmitted from the shuttle a few times a day.

That's not exactly in line with the "What are you doing?" instant ethos of the site.

"... [I]f you're in a plane & write a tweet, but don't hit send until u land, did u tweet from a flying plane? no, u tweeted from land," "josh_sternberg" posted recently.

James Hartsfield, a NASA spokesman, acknowledges that Massimino's system strips away some of the immediacy people associate with the 3-year-old service, which has exploded to include millions of users in recent months.

But he said it's the only way to do it because astronauts cannot directly access the Internet.

To preserve the intimacy of Massimino's tweets, Hartsfield said that other than adding "from orbit" before each message, NASA does not edit them.

"It's as close as you can possibly get to a post from space," Hartsfield said. "Anything you are going to do from space is going to pass through some type of hands before it gets to its final destination on the Internet. ... Maybe someday in the future, for the space station, they will have [Internet access], and then it can be a little more streamlined."

Twitter users can post via e-mail but have to reveal passwords to a third party — something NASA might frown upon.

Hartsfield said NASA is open to other methods and pointed out that in June, shuttle Endeavour commander Mark Polansky ("Astro_127" on Twitter) also plans to tweet from space and answer YouTube video questions.

Most in the Twittersphere don't seem to mind Massimino's unorthodox way of tweeting. Instead, they marvel at seeing updates on their phones or computers written by someone looking down at them. Massimino has more than 330,000 people following him.

"I marvel in jaw-sagging wonder at @Astro_Mike's daily routine, although I bet he'd enjoy a nice sit down and a cup of tea right about now," "mcsubs" tweeted Thursday.

And in the tradition of Twitter, others are using the milestone for complaining.

"Explain to me why I can not get phone service ... but an astronaut can tweet from space??" asks a tweet from "cwrightmn."

via Orlando Sentinel

How far can you go on deceiving people just to be famous?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Katrina - Hayden Scandal

No I'm not featuring that video here on my blog. What I'm trying to tell here is that this scandal is just an excuse to forget the real problem, corruption. come on, every hour there's a scandal posted on the internet by our very own kinsmen and to tell you the truth, I have watched a lot of it. Yes, we all know that Katrina is a victim here and all that shit but look at the people who are emerging everywhere to have a piece of the issue. Why now? Some shitty government official is acting bravely to save Katrina but previously he ignored all the "unpopular" victims he definitely saw when they "confiscated" some pirated CDs and DVDs. If he's really a hero as he claims to be, why only now? Did you help Katrina Halili for your own gain? If that's the case, you're no hero to me. BTW, it is not the ISP's fault the video got distributed over the net. Effin' idiot!

Now who wants a copy of the video?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ye Old Konami Code

Veteran gamers like me knows what that Konami code I'm referring right? For the much younger generation who doesn't have the slightest idea what is the code, refer to the picture below:

Now why the hell am I telling you this code now? Facebook and Plurk recently embedded these codes on their website for some easter eggs. Try it to find out

You can see the official list of sites that have the codes at which you need the code to access. uber geekness.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google pwns Yahoo! mail and Hotmail

Google officially launched their new feature on Gmail that will let you import your contacts and email archives from Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail without any hassle. This feature is powered by True Switch and is available for new user accounts. Existing accounts will have this feature some time soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time Travelling

Nauuso ngayon yung mga time travel. Sa palabas na Kamen Rider Den-O, nag tratravel si Den-O sa past para maayos yung present. Sino bang Star Trek fan ang hindi nagulantang sa time travel through black hole paradox sa currently pinalalabas na Star Trek sa sinehan? Naisip ko tuloy, pano kaya kung ako naman ang nakapag time travel?
Siguro ang una kong gagawin eh tumaya sa lotto, sa laban ni Pacquiao at sa karera ng kabayo. Siguro ang yaman ko na nun no? Tapos kukuha ulit ako ng exam, sa UP or Ateneo tutal sisiw na lang sakin yun kasi alam ko na eh. Eh di magiging suma cum laude pa ako nun di ba? Tapos ako gagawa ng DOS at Windows kesa si Bill Gates. Ang yaman ko na siguro ngayon no? Tapos ako rin gagawa ng iPhone para sobrang sikat at yaman ko na. Kahit sinong gusto ko mapapangasawa ko na hehehe. Pero napag isip isip ko rin eh, naka text ko kasi siya nung isang gabi, pinag usapan namin yung nakaraan. Kung naging mayaman nga ako at nag aral sa UP, hindi ako magiging teacher sa AMA, hindi ko mararanasan ang papaging basura ng AMA sa mga empleyado niya, kaya hindi ko maiisipang pumunta sa Informatics. Kapag hindi ako naging teacher sa Informatics, hindi ko siya makikilala. Yung inuman namin noong November 2007 siguro ang naging isa sa mahahalagang kaganapan sa buhay ko. Dun ko nakilala ang isang pambihirang nilalang na nakapag patibok ng puso ko. Sabi niya pa nga chickboy daw ako noon kasi halos lahat ng kaibigan niya pinormahan ko, tapos crush crush ko lang siya kasi mukha siyang haponesa. Siguro nga, kaya nangyayari ang mga bagay bagay sa buhay natin ay para rin sa kinabukasan natin. Hindi siguro ako matututo sa mga pagkakamali ko at sa mga bagay bagay sa buhay kung hindi nangyari ang mga yun. Ewan ko kung ano mangyayari sa akin sa hinaharap pero masaya ako sa kasalukuyang buhay ko. Kaya ako, aanhin ko pa ang time travelling? Magiging sikat ka nga at mayaman, pero wala ka namang kwentang tao.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Square Enix buys Eidos

The Eidos group filed losses of £100 million in 2008 and experienced plummeting or stagnant sales on their franchises like Tomb Raider and Hitman which led them to selling their company to Square Enix. We don't know yet what will Square Enix do to their new acquisition and what will the future of Eidos franchies. Square, which started as Squaresoft, then partnered with Electronic Arts which formed Square EA, then bought Enix and now Eidos.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Death Note - Hollywood style!

Warner Brothers recently obtained the rights to the Death Note franchise which is planning to make a live action, Hollywood version, of the manga.

Warner Brothers has brought in big-name heavyweight screenwriters Charley and Vlas Parlapanides to create the screenplay, so the script may be something special indeed; they may be known to Hollywood followers from such blockbusters as “War of the Gods” and “Live Bet”.

How I wish they will not bastardize the series like what Michael Bay did to Transformers and JJ Abrams did to Star Trek. oh, and there was that Dragonball film we need to forget...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fake Swine Flu News Made People Panic

A serious case of online joke escalated a series of mass hysteria as a twit regarding a fake BBC news about the Swine Flu a.k.a. A(H1N1) with the following heading:

There has been a small outbreak of “zombism” in London due to mutation of the H1N1 virus into new strain: H1Z1.

please be advice that the site looks like the one on BBC News but if you look at url closely it is a fake site that resembles a phishing modus operandi.

People all over America and Europe who read the news via Twitter, and obviously, didn't pay attention to details, panicked. Paranoia + Stupidity = Epic Fail.

Mga klase ng MRT commuters na makakasabay mo araw araw

Mga klase ng MRT commuters na makakasabay mo araw araw.

1. Music Lover - Sila yung mga taong may mga nakasaksak na headphones/earphones sa tenga kaya minsan sinisigawan na sila ng mga tao eh hindi parin nila naririnig.

2. Sleep walker- Pagsakay na pagsakay pa lang eh nakakatulog na agad. Talo ka dito mehn kasi kahit naka sabit, nakatayo o nakasandal lang eh nakakatulog siya ng mahimbing. ang malupit pa dun, pag dating sa istasyon niya eh automatic nagigising.

3. Koala - Grabe kung makakapit sa poste na bakal, pinsan ni Unggoy.

4. Unggoy - Grabe makakapit sa safety handles, grabe ring mag lambaras, nakakarating sa magkabilang dulo ng cart.

5. Paranoid - Tingin niya sa lahat ng tao dudukutan siya, pinsan ni Over-protective na siyota.

6. Over-protective na siyota - Tingin niya lahat ng lalake mamanyakin yung jowa niya, pero mehn yung babae mas mapangit pa sa kulubot ng siko ko.

7. Kapal muks - Sila yung mga walang pakialam sa nakakatanda, bata, buntis at mga may kapansanan. Ang importante ay nakaupo sila at natutulog kunwari.

8. Attention whore - Sila yung mga naglalabas ng cellphone at kung ano ano pang gadgets kahit wala naman silang gagawin dun. Siyempre para pagyabang lang nila sa mga tao.

9. Karerista - Sila yung mga tumatakbo pagkababa ng tren. Animoy may premyo ka pag ikaw unang nakapag pasok ng card sa terminal.

10. Patay malisya - Sila yung mga nagpapatay malisya na sa exact fare sila nakapila tapos magbabayad ng buo, pinsan ni kapal muks.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tsukiden Day 3

Teka di ba sabi ko hindi na ako mag u-update about sa Tsukiden? Hahaha ewan ko ba, first week kasi eh kaya pagbigyan niyo na! Honga pala start na ng training namin kanina at natutuwa ako na ang instructor namin ay graduate ng AMA! Si Sir Morgan ay matalino at gwapo! kaya ko sinasabi yan ay dahil binabasa niya itong blog ko haha! Anyway, bigo pa rin akong makilala yung chick sa tapat ko (makilala in the sense na ma recognize niya ako as acquaintance, hindi counted yung malaman ko name niya!) at bigo rin akong makilala niya, pero nakakainis pag nahuhuli niya akong nakatingin sa kanya, kasi nahihiya ako eh ahahaha, potek nakuha ko pang mahiya! Eh ilang J na bumasted sakin diba?! Hahaha. Bukas tuloy parin yung training namin at tunganga mode na naman kami sa umaga. Feeling ko pag nag start na yung project namin eh dun sila babawi sa pagagawa samin hahaha, Saklap! Oo nga pala, may gumawa ng mapa ko sa wikimapia, eto o. Tsaka yung isa diyan binabasa yung pinopost ko sa Facebook =p!

May bagyo daw, wala ako pake basta makita ko siya bukas sa Tsukiden! Hahaha! Bagong prospect na ba ito? Balita ko maraming umaaligid na sa kanya eh, ok lang may back-up plan ako! haha! Try ko next yung kamukha ni KG!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My second day at Tsukiden

Wag kayong mag alala hindi daily itong blog posts ko sa Tsukiden hahaha! Anyway, kanina dinelegate na kami sa department namin. Sa first business unit (located at the 31st floor) ako na assign at parte ako ng communications platform. Bukas start ng training namin ng C language (Bloodshed yung compiler) na gagamitin namin sa mga project namin at dahil na rin sa non disclosure agreement namin ay hindi ko kukuwento kung ano yung mga projects namin. May account na rin ako sa online employee system portal nila. Anyway, so far so good naman sa bagong working environment at sakto cute yung nasa tapat ng pwesto ko. Bukas ko na siya kikilalanin kasi tinatamad pa ako mag flirt sa chicks sa ngayon hahaha. Bakit nga pala tagalog post ko ngayon? Adik kasi si Jhe Ann eh, labo no? hahaha

I'm sorry Monica for not replying to your tag :(

Monica I'm very sorry! Hindi ko na gets agad kung bakit mo sinasabing tag! Itong post na ito para lang sayo!

001. Who was the last person you talked to online?
jhe ann

002. What was the last thing you ate?
fried bangus

003. What was the title of your last blog entry?
First day at Tsukiden

004. What are you going to do after posting this?
post another entry

005. Anything that you expect to happen this week?
makuha ko na backpay ko sa info

006. What are you wishing right now?
sana may magkagusto sakin hahaha

007. Any other things that you love doing?
watching anime

008. What do you want to tell your online friends?
Thank you for always visting me especially Monica,RN :D

009. The name of your crush/bf/gf?
many to mention hahahaha

010. Last, write a message for you.
Siopao bat ang slow mo? hahaha

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Training on my new work
2. Money!
3. Season 3 ng Chuck!
4. Season 2 ng Merlin!
5. Star Trek, nood sa Friday
6. makilala yung chick sa tapat ng cubicle ko hahaha
7. kasal ng best friend kong si Vane.
8. binyag ng anak ng best friend kong si Laarni

8 things I did yesterday:
1. the first day of my new Work!
2. finally talked to her
3. Watched TV
4. Surfed the net
5. download stuff
6. nag patugtog ng malaks hahaha
7. natulog ng maaga
8. nag group message

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Go to places with a blink of an eye
3. eat less hahaha
4. make her love me
5. Be the better man
6. buy a LG Renoir!
7. turn back time
8. Read minds din

8 shows I watch:
1. Chuck
2. Lie to Me
3. Merlin
4. Kamen Rider Decade
5. K-ON!
6. Pandora Hearts
7. Eden of the East
8. Only You (hahaha)

Monday, May 04, 2009

First day at Tsukiden

Today marked my first day as an employee of an IT industry company. Tsukiden Software Philippines Inc. is my new home. Design Engineer is my new job. Today was all about company policy, rules and regulations and the code of conduct. We filled up lots of form for the ATM account, TIN transfer (for me) and for the benefits. We were issued a proximity card to be used around the building and tomorrow I'll get my company ID. I will be going to the 1st business unit tomorrow for my team orientation and introduction.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

To All My Informatics Students

A lot of rumors circulated recently regarding my resignation in Informatics Diliman, some are amusing and some are irritating. Anyway, the truth is as follows:

I gave my resignation last March 18,2009 with an effectivity date of April 9, 2009. I left my career as an instructor to pursue programming, my original career path, and try the industry field. I joined the company Tsukiden Software Philippines Inc. as a design engineer and I will start on Monday, May 4, 2009.

It's been fun working in the academe and I treated my co-faculties and students as family. If you really love me, you should understand my decision and support me as I supported you all this time. Even though I'm not a teacher anymore, you can still approach me and ask for some questions, just make sure I'm not busy or something.

Thank you guys for giving me a very happy memory as a teacher and wishing you all on your studies and future careers. See you when I see you guys. love you all

-Great Teacher Siopao

Globe Bloggers Assembly

Globe recently launched their new service Sulitxt15 and Everybodytxt20 at Datu Lanai. Legend Hotel. Bloggers across the metro attended the event and the night was filled with laughter and excitement. To avail Globe's new service, just go to your nearest Autoload station and just tell them which service you want and in a matter of seconds the transaction will be completed. Ang lakas talaga natin sa Globe hehehe

here are some pics