Friday, May 01, 2009

To All My Informatics Students

A lot of rumors circulated recently regarding my resignation in Informatics Diliman, some are amusing and some are irritating. Anyway, the truth is as follows:

I gave my resignation last March 18,2009 with an effectivity date of April 9, 2009. I left my career as an instructor to pursue programming, my original career path, and try the industry field. I joined the company Tsukiden Software Philippines Inc. as a design engineer and I will start on Monday, May 4, 2009.

It's been fun working in the academe and I treated my co-faculties and students as family. If you really love me, you should understand my decision and support me as I supported you all this time. Even though I'm not a teacher anymore, you can still approach me and ask for some questions, just make sure I'm not busy or something.

Thank you guys for giving me a very happy memory as a teacher and wishing you all on your studies and future careers. See you when I see you guys. love you all

-Great Teacher Siopao


Guia de Guzman said...

sir siopao!san yung company mo na yun?

Siopao Master said...


Guia de Guzman said...

akala ko naman mag abroad ka. kasi minsan mga status punta ng DFA mga ganun. hehe.. =)

Siopao Master said...

haha kasama kasi sa requirements ko yun eh

Guia de Guzman said...

ahh.. kala ko talaga mag abroad ka kaya nag resign. hehe