Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 26 was an effing day

Many things happened yesterday, heck I didn't have the enthusiasm to post it due to depression I guess. First of all, Michael Jackson, the king of pop, died due to cardiac arrest. The world is blanketed with sorrow as the pop icon will never do the moonwalk again. Next, Farrah Fawcett from the original Charlie's Angels succumbed to cancer. Finally, my cellphone was stolen from me from Cubao MRT station by a level 99 thief with a max skill level of steal. He managed to get it from inside my bag in the midst of the jam-packed passengers. Take note, I didn't even brought it out in public. But as they say, today is a new day and I do hope it will get better

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Sara Monica Soriano said...

aw! an effing day indeed! grabe nasa bag na nakuha pa, damn those thieves! level 99.. hehe.. Don't worry, it will get better. :)