Thursday, July 30, 2009

Globe's Free Apps now available for download

Yesterday Globe once again held a blogger's assembly. The event took place at Legend Villa, near Boni MRT station. The usual suspects were there like me, Jepoy, Lalaine, Karlo, Rocky, Mark, Coco, Yuga and other bloggers as well. The event was about the Free Apps Globe is offering right now to their subscribers across the nation. Developers and beta testers were encourage to participate on the said project which in this case, us. We had the chance last night to test the current apps that Globe Apps is offering, like the FN Tracker, REI, the very useful Simulated Cracked screen and then some. I was thinking of participating in the development of some apps but currently I'm in a C language, Java and Visual Basic.NET 2008 orgy and learning the Symbian API might destroy my last remaining brain cell. I had wished before during my teaching career to experience programming on hand but heck this is a handful. Anyway, I might be collaborating with Globe sometime soon. But until then, back to work.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Microsoft still aiming for Yahoo?

The interwebs was flooded once again with the news of Microsoft buying Yahoo. Contrary to early reports, Microsoft will not pay an upfront fee in the deal, according to a source quoted by Reuters. Early rumors said Microsoft would pay hundreds of millions of dollars up front to Yahoo in addition to a revenue sharing agreement.Yahoo has about 20 percent of the search market, while Microsoft's share is just under 10 percent, according to industry estimates that give Google most of the remaining 70 percent. The two companies are ready to announce a search and advertising partnership this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday, according to a report in the blog AllThingsD.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tsukiden Welcome Party 2009

I have been with Tsukiden Software Philippines Inc. (TSPI) for just two months and I felt that I've been here for two years. What more to make all the newbies like me be fully welcomed by having a party in our honor! New employees from June 2008 - June 2009 were honored on this unforgettable event that was held at Fun Ranch Tiendesitas, Ortigas. The theme of the party was Back to School + in honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. All the new bloods were divided to seven groups and each performed in front of the whole TSPI community. I call this the "Rite of Passage". I was part of Group 6 A.K.A. "Siopao and the Half Blood Prince". We won third place, Group 3 placed second and Group 4 bagged the winning spot. I'll be posting some pics sometime soon because I haven't brought my camera hahaha.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 ready for release

Microsoft finally announced that their Windows 7 is now in RTM (Released to Manufacturing) stage and key MSDN members, manufacturers and OEM vrndors can get a hold of it within a few days.

"RTM is the point at which all the Microsoft executives who have responsibility for Windows 7 sign off on the final code. From there, PC vendors and retail outlets can begin their own processes of locking down plans for delivering Windows 7 in preparation for its release date.

The RTM code will be delivered to our partners within the next few days who will then start preparing to deliver some amazing new products timed to hit at GA of Windows 7,"

Microsoft spokesman Brandon LeBlanc said in a blog post.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mind Reader

I've been watching "The Listener" recently, an American drama about a guy who can read thoughts. Now I was wondering if there's an oppurtunity for me to be a mind reader. You can read what other people thinks about you, thus taking advantage of situations. You can play chess and surely win. You can even play poker with ease! You can read the mind of the girl you love thus pre-empting a fight or surprising her with something she really wanted. Now, if I have this power at my disposal, can I be happy with my life? Is it okay to know what others truely think about you? Is it okay to know that parents doesn't love you and you being born is a mistake? Is it okay to know that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore and she's just pretending to be happy with you? Is it okay with you to know your best friend doesn't trust you? The truth hurts doesn't it? I know the truth will set you free, but is it necessary to know everything? I guess mind reading is a double-edged sword and I will never wonder why God didn't give it me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today's Menu


Good Morning,

Today's Menu: Tuesday



please make your orders earlier and
kindly indicate if your on the 32nd/31st/23rd floor.
txt/call : 09277966043 / 887-8888

Thank you,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

[Review]Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


The sixth movie of the Harry Potter franchise that has been long running since 2000 once again made different reactions to the fans. Before I proceed with the review though, be enlighten with this quote:

"Watch a film as a film not like a book"

If you are a die hard Harry Potter fan who read the book again before watching this film, I bet you were dissappointed. But if you are a fan who haven't read the book will be amazed on how the screenplay was delivered.

Let's start with the bookworms. We all realize that some points from the books never saw the light in the film. Harry on detention, the operation lessons, the non verbal spells, the importance of the felix felicis, the quiditch cup, and we could go on and on. Some scenes where altered also, like Ginny kissing Harry instead of the opposite, the absences of the Order when Dumbledore died. I just laughed when it was only mentioned in the end that Snape was the Half Blood Prince, thus making the title Half Blood Prince pointless.

Anyway, let's look at it on the film side. like I mentioned, the screenplay was awesome. You can feel the "mature" theme of the film far from all the kid stuuf of the previous. The scenes where shot wonderfully and the delivery of the lines captivated me. The best scene was the one on the cave where Dumbledore drank the poison so they can obtain the Horcrux. these two actors, Michael Gambon, in my opinion delivered a spectacular part that pierced our hearts. Although there some flaws in the film like Hermione casting a spell without using a wand and Harry Potter exchanging spells with Draco Malfoy non verbally, can be forgiven with the hotness of Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch.

See what happens when you compare the book and the film? You will get mix feelings and different views about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. So follow my advise and enjoy the film

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Girl Who Can't Feel Anything

I kinda like this story which I got from our newsletter here at work. Kinda relate to the story in some sort of way...The story after the jump

There was a girl who never feels anything, hate, anger,
loneliness, fear, happiness, worries, and sadness. A
girl named Samantha, she has a long black straight
shiny hair, she has a beautiful curved face, has a dark
brown eyes, and fair skin.
One day, a boy named Leeon fell in love with her, he is
a handsome guy, and he has a dark brown hair, black
eyes and fair skin. The boy tried to confess his
feelings for the girl, but the girl replied,
“But...I can’t feel...I don’t know how to feel what
others feel”
The boy did not care and he said to the girl that he’ll
teach her how to feel
The girl said, “It’s hopeless, how will you do it? All
the doctors that I have consulted told me that I’m
normal, that there is nothing wrong with me, but there

The boy was a bit hurt, he knew it was hopeless but he
did not give up that easily, he gives it a chance and
he planned to do his best. The girl get curios about
feelings and that night, she prayed solemnly to GOD,
and wish to the stars that someday she want to wake up
with feelings in her heart.

Everyday, the boy makes surprises for the girl and do
sweet things for her. Days pass by, the boy keep on
doing special things for the girl but still, the girl
cannot feel anything.
One day, the two are walking on the seashore...The girl
started to ask the boy, “What is love? How do you feel
The boy answered her, “Uhmm...I don’t know much about
it, because every people has different outlooks in
love...But for me, Love is the most powerful thing,
it’s the most powerful feeling of all, it can’t be
broken easily by time and distance, and it has a
Girl: “ seemed to be so deep, but I still don’t
know how it feels...”
Boy: “Its okay...someday you will...”, Leeon replied
Girl: “When I was still little, my mother used to tell
me that tears hurt your heart and your eyes, and she
used to forbid me not to love, because she said it’ll
kill all of me...will I die if I love someone?”
Boy: “Its true that tears hurt your heart and your
eyes, but love? It will not kill you, if love is not
destined to be, it really hurts a lot, love will only
kill your heart...”
Girl: “That’s why I don’t want to love...”
Leeon was hurt by Samantha’s point of view in love, but
he ignored it.
Every time they talk about feelings, Samantha is
getting more curious of it...
Three years passed, the boy gets impatient, he gets
tired of waiting for the girl and he’s starting to lose
hope...One day, when Leeon and Samantha were together,
the boy started to ask her questions,
Boy: “do you love me???”
Samantha was surprised of Leeon’s question and answered
Girl: “...No...”
Boy: “Do your heart beats fast when I’m with you?!”
Girl: “No…”
Boy: “Do you find me when I’m not with you??”
Girl: “...No...”
The boy started to drop a tear from his left cheek and
said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for being impatient, and
I’m sorry for hurrying you”
The boy started to walk out, but the girl called him,
Leeon turned back with teary eyes, then the girl added,
“I’m sorry too Leeon...”, the boy was surprised to hear
her say that word, thinking that she’s sorry for him
and asked her, “Do you mean it? Do you really feel that
you’re sorry?”
Samantha answered him back, “My mother said that when
I made someone sad, I must say sorry...”
Then Leeon whispered, “Then, I was wrong...”, he
turned away and started to walk, Samantha feel
something falling from her face and when she touched it
wet, she thought it was a tear from her eye, she called
the boy, “Leeon! I just drop a tear from my eye! I’m
crying! I’m crying!”
Leeon turned back, and suddenly the rain slowly fell on
Boy: “Samantha, it was just the drop of the rain”
Girl: “...But what’s the difference??”
Boy: “There is a big difference!”
Girl: “I just thought…”, Leeon interrupt her, “Let’s
go home...”
The two of them went home wet, after Leeon drop
Samantha at their house, Samantha ran up to her room,
opened her window and watched Leeon disappeared in the
rain. She did not change her clothes and she wears her
wet clothes all night she said to her self, “What can I
do? I’m losing someone I don’t want to lose”, then she
had fall into a deep sleep...
The next morning, Samantha caught a fever, at that
day, Leeon did not come by at her house, and she did
not hear from Leeon that day.
The next day, Samantha got a phone call at exactly
8:00 p.m. from the hospital near the municipal hall and
told her that Leeon was confined there last night,
Samantha panicked and ran to her room to change her
clothes and she forgot to ask the reason why Leeon was
confined. It was raining hard that night. She arrived
wet at the hospital, she ran to the nurse station to
ask Leeon’s room. She ran from the stairs and when she
reached his room, Leeon was not there, there was no
sign of him. Samantha quickly approached the nurse and
asked where the patient of the room is, but the nurse
didn’t know so she ran to the doctor, and when the
doctor came to see her, the doctor apologized to her
and he command the nurses to find the brain cancer
Samantha was shocked to hear about Leeon’s condition
and asked the doctor about it, the doctor said he was
in a critical condition and sooner or later, he could
Samantha ran outside and searched for Leeon, she saw
Leeon standing beside a tree at the back of the
hospital, he was very wet because of the rain, Samantha
called him, Leeon turned and smiled when he saw
her...Samantha ran to Leeon and hugged him, Leeon
started to say something...
Boy: “Its so nice to see you, I missed you so much!”,

Leeon hugged her tighter and he let go, he stared at
Samantha with his pale and sad face, but still, his
being handsome does not fades...Leeon touched her wet
face and said, “Look Samantha, you’re crying”, Samantha
answered him back, “But...Its just the rain”, Leeon
smiled at her...
Girl: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier??”, Samantha
Boy: “Because I found it out late, its no use, you
won’t feel sorry
for me anyway, you will not be sad to hear it, you will
not cry for me.”
Samantha felt like something pricked her chest and
said, “Let’s go inside Leeon...It’s raining hard out
here”, Samantha took a few steps but Leeon grabbed her
hands and he pleaded, “Please, don’t go”, Samantha
turned to him, “Leeon you’re sick! Now lets go
inside...”, Samantha shouted.
She started to walk away when she heard like something
fell hard, then she turned back to see Leeon lying on
the ground, she hurried back to him, put Leeon’s head
on her lap and tried to wake him up, Leeon slowly
opened his eyes and tried hard to smile at her,
Boy: “I can feel I can’t stay with you after this very
moment...”, Samantha interrupted him,
Girl: “Please don’t say that! I told you to go
inside, you’ll get sick out here, and the rain is
falling hard!”
Boy: “But..I like the rain, because of the rain, now I
can see you cry for real, you’re right, there’s no
difference between them...”
Girl: “Can’t you wait for a bit Leeon?! Can’t you stay
and wait until I feel something?! Anything?!”
Boy: “You know I can’t stay long Samantha...but I want
you to know that...even my very last haven’t felt anything...I’m still happy
and I feel lucky to be with you even for a short
time...I’ll pray for you...I’ll watch over you...”
Girl: “Please stop saying that Leeon! You’re not going
to leave me!”
Boy: “...Even though I’m not the first one to feel
your love and your care, even though I cannot make it
‘til that day came...I’ll still wait”
Samantha felt something she never felt before...
Girl: “Please don’t say those words! Please don’t
leave me!”
The rain was starting to disappear; Leeon is closing
his eyes because he could feel his head aching.
Boy: “I love you Samantha, I’ll always do...until
Leeon stopped for awhile and was surprised to see a
tear dropping from Samantha’s eyes, she started to cry.
Leeon felt so much pain in his head, he started
shouting and screaming and crying, the nurses saw them
and hurried to Leeon to bring him back to the hospital,
Samantha hurried with him to his room and said to him,
“Please don’t die! Please don’t leave! please stay!”,
the doctor bring Samantha out of Leeon’s room, she
could hear his cry and was shouting her name, Samantha
looked at him from the window of his room and saw him
trying to break free from the doctor and the nurse.
Samantha felt the heaviness on her chest because of
Leeon’s shout like she was on his position, she cried
even harder as Leeon suffer from pain...

At that night, Leeon died...

After a week, Samantha visited Leeon’s grave it’s been
a week before she decided to go to the cemetery.
Leeon Madrigal
Born: Feb. 14, 1987
Died: Nov. 5, 2007
She saw a letter that was written by Leeon for her, she
was still reading the opening but she can’t help her
self not to cry...
Dear Samantha,

It wasn’t that easy for me to live you with so much
pain, when you were holding me, and asking me not to
leave you, I saw you cry…No…
It’s not the rain, but real tears falling from your
It was worth it for me to wait so long…thank you…thank
you very much for the times that we’re together…and for
the last moment of my life, you let me feel that I’m
important to you…I want you to know that I love you so
much, even though you cannot love me back, even though
you can’t love me the way I do…please don’t waste your
tears on me…I know you’ll meet someone who will love
you the way I did…I want you to take care of
yourself…and I want you to be brave for every
heartaches you get…
Goodbye Samantha… Love,


She realized all her mistakes and kept on crying...
“You’re right Leeon, all along I had loved you, but it
was hidden for so long, until I lose you...that’s when
I realized that you were very important to did
not teach me anything, you just let me feel
never forced me anything, that’s why I slowly
learned...I feel sorry for my self to lose someone like
you...and for that, I will never forget you...I had
regretted so many things...I never said I love you, I
never showed you I care. I guess I was afraid to take
chances, afraid to love and get hurt, I did not give
you and myself a chance...I’m sorry, and I love you…”

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sandara Park performed "In or Out" in South Korea

Sandara Park, the member of 2NE1 and once a popular star here in the Philippines sang her once famous song In or Out in front of the Korean live audience. She sang it in its original lyrics. It seems Sandy haven't forgotten the Filipino love

Friday, July 10, 2009

Google Chrome OS

After the success of Google's Android Mobile OS, Google announced late Tuesday that it is working on a Linux based Chrome OS as an operating system for the Web. It will be available late in 2010. Details after the jump

According to Google blog

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010. Because we're already talking to partners about the project, and we'll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.

Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds. The user interface is minimal to stay out of your way, and most of the user experience takes place on the web. And as we did for the Google Chrome browser, we are going back to the basics and completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don't have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. It should just work.

Google Chrome OS will run on both x86 as well as ARM chips and we are working with multiple OEMs to bring a number of netbooks to market next year. The software architecture is simple — Google Chrome running within a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. For application developers, the web is the platform. All web-based applications will automatically work and new applications can be written using your favorite web technologies. And of course, these apps will run not only on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving developers the largest user base of any platform.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Prepare for the BaLonek

Wow! This online space looks cozy. Hi there! I'm sure most of you are surprised to see a new face in Siopao Haven. Expect to see me for days to come, since the Siopaomaster allowed me to crash his place every now and then. More news, images and opinions are in store for frequent visitors, with two of us scribbling and posting our thoughts now. So do visit us often, until then, this has been yours truly, Marlone Viardo.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Toy Collecting

Toy collecting is a hobby that involves money, patience and luck. You need money to buy those expensive toys, you need patience to wait for the right timing in aquiring rares and you need luck to find those rares. What exactly is toy collecting? Why do grown-ups like me still collect toys? Often do I hear people comment that toys are just for kids and people who are old enough to become a father are losers and childish. They are dead wrong. Toy collecting is like any other hobby, like stamps, butterflies, pebbles etc. You take pride in your collection and you recount the experiences you made when getting that piece of collection. Are you an aspiring toy collector? Here are some tips when collecting toys.

1. Toys often categories into two based on their origin, western toys involve Marvel, D.C., McFarlen, NECA, Hasbro and such. eastern toys involve Bandai, Max Factory, Good Smile Company,
Takara and such. If you don't give a damn about manufacturers just remember that if it's anime, it's eastern.

2. The value of the toy dereases as you remove them from their packaging. MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) and MOC (Mint On Card) are terms used to classify a well preserved toy on it's original packaging. MIB (Mint In Box) are toys that were previously taken out from the box for some inspection, photo shoot or displayed in a cabinet. Loose toys are toys without the packaging and were stored in a cabinet or a plastic container, and often the value is depreciated based on the wear and tear of the toy itself.

3. Beware of bootlegs or imitations of these toys, as their value is worthless to toy collectors. You can spot a bootleg by it's packaging or the quality of the toy itself. Remember, some stores and individuals sell bootlegs with the ORIGINAL price. Bootleg Alley is one fine example.

4. Displaying your toys and taking pictures of it increases the satisfaction you feel in toy collecting. Being proud of your collection is natural especially if you work hard for it.

Collectors like me have a community we call OtaKai Figure Society. The word came from Otaku, meaning anime enthusiast and Kaibigan, meaning friend, You can visit our website here and you can register for free. Updates on upcoming and available toys can be found here. We can also help you in aquiring that last piece of the collection you always dreamed of. We have a group EB(eyeball) every month that involves group bonding and toy shopping. Topics not even related to toys can also be discussed. Friendly and understanding moderators are there to help you if it's your first time. See you there.

My best friend asked me when will I stop collecting toys, and I answered "When I'm the last person collecting it".

Monday, July 06, 2009

Michael Jackson's ghost caught on camera?

It circulated on the internet like bon-fire. A video showing "MJ's ghost" caught on film during CNN Larry King interview with Jermaine Jackson. Here is the video

But later on was debunked as a mere shadow of one of the crew. See this video:

The Importance of Being Nice

"It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice"

I would like to emphasize on this quotation. Many people I know seems to forget that the reason they became famous was because of the people that surrounded them. I know the limelight is very bright, and you tend to be blinded by it. I know people forget their friends and those who made their fame possible.

There's this one girl who became famous because of her friends and "fans", and through their word of mouth and web posts, the girl became famous. She became so famous that she distanced herself to the people who once close to her. That girl changed her contact number and seemed to "forgot" to give it her friends. It came to the point that some of her friends started to hate her and started destroying her character behind her back. Who's to blame? What could she have done to prevent this? Will the situation change or she'll just ignore them like she now comfortably do?

There was a famous pop icon who became a very important person despite the scandals. He's none other than the recently deceased king of pop Michael Jackson. If you've been reading ,watching and listening to his life story, you'll tend to know this person. You seem to know the reason behind the scandal and the things he did that triggered the weird meter. First, the child molestation scandal. If you didn't know his childhood, you wouldn't understand why he likes to be around little boys. He was deprived from his childhood, which he tried to experience later in life. Anyway, this is relevant to his will,which shocked the world. He made Diana Ross a guardian to his children when the moment his mother cannot do it anymore. He gave most of his trust funds to his three children, and the children of his borthers and sisters. You see, Michael anticipated his death and ensured that all the people who had helped him have a part of his wealth. Michael is a nice person underneath those plastic surgeries.

Two different people, both famous, both important. Who do you think will leave a mark in the hearts of the people who knew them?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Michael Jackson's Last Will

Recently the last will and testament of the recently deceased pop icon circulated over the net. You can download the will HERE to view it yourself

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