Thursday, July 30, 2009

Globe's Free Apps now available for download

Yesterday Globe once again held a blogger's assembly. The event took place at Legend Villa, near Boni MRT station. The usual suspects were there like me, Jepoy, Lalaine, Karlo, Rocky, Mark, Coco, Yuga and other bloggers as well. The event was about the Free Apps Globe is offering right now to their subscribers across the nation. Developers and beta testers were encourage to participate on the said project which in this case, us. We had the chance last night to test the current apps that Globe Apps is offering, like the FN Tracker, REI, the very useful Simulated Cracked screen and then some. I was thinking of participating in the development of some apps but currently I'm in a C language, Java and Visual Basic.NET 2008 orgy and learning the Symbian API might destroy my last remaining brain cell. I had wished before during my teaching career to experience programming on hand but heck this is a handful. Anyway, I might be collaborating with Globe sometime soon. But until then, back to work.

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