Monday, July 06, 2009

The Importance of Being Nice

"It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice"

I would like to emphasize on this quotation. Many people I know seems to forget that the reason they became famous was because of the people that surrounded them. I know the limelight is very bright, and you tend to be blinded by it. I know people forget their friends and those who made their fame possible.

There's this one girl who became famous because of her friends and "fans", and through their word of mouth and web posts, the girl became famous. She became so famous that she distanced herself to the people who once close to her. That girl changed her contact number and seemed to "forgot" to give it her friends. It came to the point that some of her friends started to hate her and started destroying her character behind her back. Who's to blame? What could she have done to prevent this? Will the situation change or she'll just ignore them like she now comfortably do?

There was a famous pop icon who became a very important person despite the scandals. He's none other than the recently deceased king of pop Michael Jackson. If you've been reading ,watching and listening to his life story, you'll tend to know this person. You seem to know the reason behind the scandal and the things he did that triggered the weird meter. First, the child molestation scandal. If you didn't know his childhood, you wouldn't understand why he likes to be around little boys. He was deprived from his childhood, which he tried to experience later in life. Anyway, this is relevant to his will,which shocked the world. He made Diana Ross a guardian to his children when the moment his mother cannot do it anymore. He gave most of his trust funds to his three children, and the children of his borthers and sisters. You see, Michael anticipated his death and ensured that all the people who had helped him have a part of his wealth. Michael is a nice person underneath those plastic surgeries.

Two different people, both famous, both important. Who do you think will leave a mark in the hearts of the people who knew them?

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