Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mind Reader

I've been watching "The Listener" recently, an American drama about a guy who can read thoughts. Now I was wondering if there's an oppurtunity for me to be a mind reader. You can read what other people thinks about you, thus taking advantage of situations. You can play chess and surely win. You can even play poker with ease! You can read the mind of the girl you love thus pre-empting a fight or surprising her with something she really wanted. Now, if I have this power at my disposal, can I be happy with my life? Is it okay to know what others truely think about you? Is it okay to know that parents doesn't love you and you being born is a mistake? Is it okay to know that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore and she's just pretending to be happy with you? Is it okay with you to know your best friend doesn't trust you? The truth hurts doesn't it? I know the truth will set you free, but is it necessary to know everything? I guess mind reading is a double-edged sword and I will never wonder why God didn't give it me.

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