Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Toy Collecting

Toy collecting is a hobby that involves money, patience and luck. You need money to buy those expensive toys, you need patience to wait for the right timing in aquiring rares and you need luck to find those rares. What exactly is toy collecting? Why do grown-ups like me still collect toys? Often do I hear people comment that toys are just for kids and people who are old enough to become a father are losers and childish. They are dead wrong. Toy collecting is like any other hobby, like stamps, butterflies, pebbles etc. You take pride in your collection and you recount the experiences you made when getting that piece of collection. Are you an aspiring toy collector? Here are some tips when collecting toys.

1. Toys often categories into two based on their origin, western toys involve Marvel, D.C., McFarlen, NECA, Hasbro and such. eastern toys involve Bandai, Max Factory, Good Smile Company,
Takara and such. If you don't give a damn about manufacturers just remember that if it's anime, it's eastern.

2. The value of the toy dereases as you remove them from their packaging. MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) and MOC (Mint On Card) are terms used to classify a well preserved toy on it's original packaging. MIB (Mint In Box) are toys that were previously taken out from the box for some inspection, photo shoot or displayed in a cabinet. Loose toys are toys without the packaging and were stored in a cabinet or a plastic container, and often the value is depreciated based on the wear and tear of the toy itself.

3. Beware of bootlegs or imitations of these toys, as their value is worthless to toy collectors. You can spot a bootleg by it's packaging or the quality of the toy itself. Remember, some stores and individuals sell bootlegs with the ORIGINAL price. Bootleg Alley is one fine example.

4. Displaying your toys and taking pictures of it increases the satisfaction you feel in toy collecting. Being proud of your collection is natural especially if you work hard for it.

Collectors like me have a community we call OtaKai Figure Society. The word came from Otaku, meaning anime enthusiast and Kaibigan, meaning friend, You can visit our website here and you can register for free. Updates on upcoming and available toys can be found here. We can also help you in aquiring that last piece of the collection you always dreamed of. We have a group EB(eyeball) every month that involves group bonding and toy shopping. Topics not even related to toys can also be discussed. Friendly and understanding moderators are there to help you if it's your first time. See you there.

My best friend asked me when will I stop collecting toys, and I answered "When I'm the last person collecting it".

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