Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tsukiden Welcome Party 2009

I have been with Tsukiden Software Philippines Inc. (TSPI) for just two months and I felt that I've been here for two years. What more to make all the newbies like me be fully welcomed by having a party in our honor! New employees from June 2008 - June 2009 were honored on this unforgettable event that was held at Fun Ranch Tiendesitas, Ortigas. The theme of the party was Back to School + in honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. All the new bloods were divided to seven groups and each performed in front of the whole TSPI community. I call this the "Rite of Passage". I was part of Group 6 A.K.A. "Siopao and the Half Blood Prince". We won third place, Group 3 placed second and Group 4 bagged the winning spot. I'll be posting some pics sometime soon because I haven't brought my camera hahaha.

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