Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not Everyone Experience a Happy Ending

Here I am again blogging about the pain I've felt because of loving someone. It's like becoming a cliche, a cycle in my life. I met girl, got to know her, become friends, got to know her more, fell in love, confessed, get dumped, retry, get dumped, retry, fail. I had two REAL relationships before (not a full romantic relationship, but you get the picture). The first one was my college friend, we were close, but she got closer to my other friend. Second was my co-employee, well she got closer to my other co-employee. The current err.. the last one, whom I've been courting for almost two years now was different. She was my student before, wait, before you violently react, I knew her before she was a student, so technically I fell in love with her brfore she became a student. Of course, many reacted with the situation and that did not even spare her. She wanted to be "just friends" due to the complication of our situation, I was her teacher, she was my student. I agreed with the condition that outside school, I could court her. The time came when I finally resigned as a teacher and the barriers between us were lifted. But, then she was still reluctant and I can't blame her for that. Eventually, we had like an understanding, We were like a real couple but we didn't recognize our relationship as a romantic one. All was well, when one day she told me she had a special someone. Too bad it wasn't me. After that, I suddenly realized there's now a void between us. She rarely texted me and those messages were just replies to my questions, no more than that. I guess, happy time's over. She finally got to meet her TRUE love and to her, I'm now just her friend, not even a close or even a best friend. I guess I never got to have the one with the glass much for happily ever after.

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