Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The last jdorama I reviewed here was Proposal Daisakusen and that was way back in 2007. I never thought that I could watch another great jdorama like ProDai but I was wrong, because Voice came along. Voice, in a nutshell, is CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) of Japan. It is a story of five medical students who attended a six-month seminar in forensic investigation. They perform lab tests, autopsy of the body and solve some crime which we all know a typical CSI concept. CSI: NY, CSI: Miami and CSI: Las Vegas was also mentioned in one of the episodes and it made clear that CSI was indeed a major influence on this drama. So what made Voice so damn great of a jdorama if it's just like CSI? Even though Voice have all the components of CSI in every aspect, it ends there. Voice, as it's title suggested, was really a drama of five forensic students going beyond the conventional forensic medicine and "listens" to the voices of the dead. They find out not just how the victim died but also why he/she had that fate. I was amazed on how they solve the cases and their way of analysis is something not of the ordinary. If you are a fan of crime solving with some heavy drama, this series is for you. As a reminder, never forget to bring a tissue when watching this drama, for I am sure even the grouchiest person will cry a tear on this one.

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