Monday, September 07, 2009

The Top 10 video games, according to the Japs

Well, it's been a long time since I graced this place. I do owe a lot of the Siopaomaster's followers some entries since I became a resident of his haven, so here it goes:

Recently, Japanese gamers were surveyed to list down Top 10 Games for Eternity (

The said games are as follows:
1. Super Mario Bros. (NES)2. Okami (PS2/Wii)3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)4. Tactics Ogre (SNES)5. Dragon Quest III (NES)6. Final Fantasy VII (PS)7. Final Fantasy X (PS2)8. Chrono Trigger (SNES)9. Metal Gear Solid (PS)10. Clannad (PC)
That line-up is quite remarkable don't you think? However, the problem with lists is that they're subjective. Each of us has our own thoughts on as to which games should be immortalized. But I strongly believe that we are in unison when I say that the best video games for eternity are the classics since they paved the way for the ones we are enjoying right now. In the absence of eye-popping graphics and complex gameplay, the classics got us hooked in their simplicity.

Number one on the list is a no-brainer. It's a true classic and rightfully deserves the top spot for setting a benchmark, not only for platform games, but all video games. Could you imagine a game with a simple gameplay, a simple storyline, an inconclusive ending, and plumber for protagonist with so much replay value? Nuff said!

Got no problems with top 5, since it is a pioneer in the RPG department, but I can't help but feel that Chrono Trigger should be ahead of Dragon Quest III. Chrono Trigger was an upgrade from Dragon Quest III, and a reference for subsequent Final Fantasy games of the 90s. With it's cute paper doll-like characters, and amazing graphics (at least during those times), I'd have to say Chrono Trigger is the closest thing to Ragnarok if it was 1995 all over again.

With its wide range of character classes, and tile placement system, Tactics Ogre is in a league of its own, setting the trend for tactical-role playing games, while Metal Gear Solid gave birth to a new age of stealth action games like Splinter Cell and Hitman.

However, if you'd ask me, I believe the following games deserve to be included in the discussion of Best Games for Eternity:

Street Fighter (SNES)
Wild Gun Man (NES)
Half-Life (PC)
Star Craft (PC)

Capcom's Street Fighter was the fighting game of the 90s, with almost every hit fighting game during the decade finding the name Street Fighter/Capcom attached to it. SF also served as the inspiration for the likes of Mortal Kombat, Samurai Showdown and Tekken.

Wild Gun Man was the grand daddy of shooting games like House of the Dead and Time Crisis.

Half-Life became a yard-stick for first person shooting games, and with its modification, Counterstrike catching the attention of trigger happy gamers, Half-Life found its way to the World Cyber Games.

And lastly, Star Craft, a game that had gamers thinking of strategies in their sleep. Released in 1998, Star Craft is set in outer space, pitting of three alien races against each other. This game lets you enjoy the sight of Protoss Interceptor, a Zerg Ultralsik and the Yamato Gun while engaging someone in a war. Now don't you think these games deserve a spot in history?

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