Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where were you when Ondoy devastated the Philippines?

International typhoon Ketsana which was locally named Ondoy devastated the Philippines and placed Metro Manila and it's nearby areas under state of calamity. I was at home and was worried because my sister was stranded at UERM. luckily she was with her friends and they walked until they reached the LRT station. Our neighbors were busy rescuing their stuff as the nearest river had overflowed into an alarming level. Marikina City was submerged and many houses were destroyed. Eastwood City, a very famous gimmick spot suffered submersion as well. Places like Roosevelt avenue and Sta. Mesa which never had problems with floods before was caught off-guard with head-deep floods. Many were stranded on every MRT-LRT stations, malls and other commercial establishments with no food or drinking water. September 26, 2009 is a day to remember not by the tragedy of typhoon Ondoy. But by the unity and cooperation of the Filipino people. Despite everything, we chose to help rather than relax on our warm and cozy beds. Even the text messages, twit, plurk, blog post, forum post helped even the simplest way to our fellowmen who were in need. Let's offer a prayer for those who were still stranded and needed rescue.

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