Saturday, October 24, 2009

Multiply officially supports online sellers

Since the birth of Web 2.0 at the beginning of this century. The world wide web was no longer exclusive to those who knew how to design a website but was now easily accessible to anyone. Thanks to social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook and Multiply, having your own home page is like creating a word document. It also opened opportunities for small entrepreneurs who cannot afford a small stall on malls or even an online shop. Social networking sites made it a lot easier for them to promote their products without paying a single cent. Now, these entrepreneurs is now officially supported by Multiply by integrating them on the Multiply network. the full details after the jump.

Multiply launched recently their Multiply Sellers sub domain and officially announced their full support to online seller thus making e-commerce virtually easy for all.

Until now, running a shop on Multiply has technically been a violation of our terms of service. As long as you didn't spam anyone though, we simply looked the other way and let you go about your business. I know that this policy didn't exactly give you all a lot of comfort, so I'm happy to announce that we've updated our terms of service to reflect the fact that running a shop on Multiply is now an officially endorsed activity.

If you would like to run a shop on Multiply, all you have to do is identify yourself as an online seller. To do this, click on "my account" at the top of any page and then on "My Account Info". In the Account Type field just check the box to indicate that your account is an online shop. That's it! Once you make this change, you'll see "Online Seller" appear below your headshot on your site (or "Premium Seller" if you have a Premium account).

Please help us spread the word on this. You will need to check this box in order to continue to run your shop on Multiply, but we understand that it will take time for everyone to get the message.

Also, please continue to be mindful of our spam policy. Sending unsolicited personal messages, or posting to groups, for the purpose of promoting your shop is considered spam and could result in the cancellation of your account.

Being officially supported and having the ability to identify yourself as an online seller is a great first step, but we have more to come. In the near future we'll start adding features designed explicitly for you to help you better run your business on Multiply. The reason for this group is to allow you to help guide us in those efforts.

For now, thanks for your continued support of Multiply and I'll be back in touch soon with many, many questions. :-)

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