Monday, November 09, 2009

Anime Explosion Festival

It was the first Anime Overload Festival and it was held at the SMX Convention. For me, the venue made the atmospehere feels like a real convention. Cosplayers, otakus and vendors were everywhere. There was not a dull moment at the stage and every booth was very busy. I think AOF was successful because the patrons and the event participants felt comfortable and every booth was not alienated. Besides our booth, I liked the maid cafe booth. It was my first time entering this kind of establishment and I was surpised what I experienced inside. True to the maid cafe of Japan, our local made cafe have butlers(for girls) and maids(for boys) that's so moe. They even have a game that made us "masters" participate. Anyway, I'm looking forward to more maid cafe in a convention and I do hope that certain kawaii maid will be there. Otakai Figure Society had their second figure display showcase (the first was on Ozine'09) and it was highly successful. People flocked our booth, admiring the displays and inquiring about anything figure related. Our goal to spread the knowledge about bootlegs was successful. Even thought AOF was a one day event, it felt like a whole year of fun experience. Otakai is now ready to participate in Ozine'10 with confidence.

Here are some pics

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