Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The First Six Months

Today marks my sixth month on this company. So what happened during the last six months? What have I learned? What have I accomplished?

This is my third job since I last graduated on 2004. My two previous work were all in the academic field and this is my first time in the industry. It was a different experience. Once I was a teacher, now I'm part of the "rank and file" of an industrial company. They were asking me before why did I gave up my teaching profession. I was like the second highest rank in our academic office (next to the academic head) but I gave it all up. All I can say is, it was worth it. I was able to learn first hand what it is like to be a programmer / software engineer / design engineer. I wouldn't based it anymore from books or any publications, but from my experience. I would not based it anymore from theories but with actual experience, heck if I become a teacher today, I can improve the things that I was supposed to be teaching. I can be more effective than before. I can now share things based from experience not from reading it from a book or from the internet. More after the jump.

The other question that they were askin me was "How's the job?". Well, from what I have experience over the last six months, it was fun and rewarding. Fun, because I met new friends and rewarding because I learned new things. We learn new things everyday even if you were working for the last nth of years. I found also people who share the same interest that I have like toy collecting and photography, for me, this means a lot to me.

So, did I made the right decision? Yes, and it's worth the sacrifice. I may not be part of the academe and I'm currently pursuing something new. the experiences and friendships that I've met along the way helped me to who I am today. I now officially make myself part of the Tsukiden family. Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu!


voidnothings said...

I think you made the right decision too :) BTW, my classmate was a former design engineer in Tsukiden, now he ventured with his own business.

Goodluck master siopao! lol

PS. teach me nihonggo next time haha

Siopao Master said...

hahaha sure sure

what's the name of that classmate of yours?