Tuesday, November 17, 2009

International Student's Day

Today the International Student's Day is celebrated around the world. I was surprised about this holiday for we never celebrate it here in the Philippines. It is a holiday that observes the rights of the students internationally. What's so special about students anyway? They just go to school and play DotA, billiards, poker and drink till dawn. They trick their parents by inventing bogus projects just to get money. Girls became pregnant the moment they reach puberty and their boyfriends leave them bcause of fear. But amidst the typical student we all come to know lies our future. The future Cory Aquino we hope can save our dying country because of corruption. The future Bill Gates that will rocket our economy to the top. As a teacher before, I still have faith on our "future", our hopes...our dreams. If a teacher cannot trust his student then we are all doomed. There will be no one to support them and harness those talents that will someday affect our lives. Happy International Students Day to my former students. Hope that you choose the right path in your lives.

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