Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

The news about the massacre in Maguindanao shocked the whole country because it was the worst election related violence since the Martial Law. It was said that a private army executed the mass killings and a certain politician under the administration party was suspected to be behind everything. Now, as a suspect, it was an SOP for the PNP police to arrest the person in question, like the time when Ted Failon was suspected of killing his wife. But as you can all see, the primary suspects are still in the comfort of their homes and when the secretary of state was asked about this he just said that the testimony of the witnesses are still being polished and we will come up with a list of suspects tomorrow. Tomorrow?! The backhoe of the "suspected" politician was found at the scene of the crime, which was used to bury the "evidence" and the effing police is just saying that "we are going to investigate this in a normal pace". yeah right, normal as in "Visconde massacre" normal, "Nida Blanca murder" normal and lot more cases that was never given justice. Now it was speculated that the people involved are allies of the administration and they could get away with it. Is the justice really blind or there is no real justice anymore?

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