Friday, December 11, 2009

The Channel War

We are all aware of the current war we have onour local television. It breaks down into two sides, the "kapuso" and the "kapamilya". ABS-CBN channel 2 and GMA channel 7 have been fighting the local television ratings for quite a while now. They have fought in the noon time variety show ratings, the primetime ratings and the news. We all witnessed both stations fought over the AGB Neilsen ratings scandal and the issue of "credible news". Everywhere you go, it's either 2 or 7, but there are other channels in our local television that entertains and satisfy our everyday delight. I remember the times that the remote still has some use. Wherein, you change the channel on a specific time because you like the show here then after an hour or so you change it to another channel to watch another one. Even if cable channels are now available some "die-hard" viewers stick only to these channels. Now some say this is a good thing like "Hey, we're the one benefiting from this". But if you look at the bigger picture, these two sations will do anything, yeah that's right, anything to get some audience. Haven't you realized it already? Noon time shows now has a rule that there must be half naked women dancing and some poor fellas making a fool of themselves just to be popular. Take note, this is being aired sometime around lunch or so. Think about the children who had the chance to watch ths kind of stuff. "Hey let's dance / make fool of ourselves to earn money, It's that easy!". Another thing, the only credible thing left on local television is being compromised by adding "spice" to every story. Come one, some issues aren't that bad until they "sensationalized" it. When will this end? When will we have a nice, unbiased programming? Oh well..time to change the channel...

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