Thursday, December 31, 2009

Journey Through The Decade

2009, the end of a decade. A lot can change in just one year, so expect a lot of change over a decade. Let us look back to the past ten years after the jump

The "Millennium Scare" was over. The Y2K bug was reverted and the world faced the new Millennium. Before the year ended, the tragic "Rizal Day bombing" killed 22 and injured 100 in one of the gruesome terrorist attack in the Philippines

It was year I graduated from high school. Angelicum College nurtured and guided me which resulted to what I became today. College life in AMA Computer University was not that tough as I found friends right on the first day of classes which later be known as GeForce, short for Gemma Force (Ma'am Gemma is the librarian who became our "mother" in college)

2001 also marked the "9/11 attack" where the twin towers of the World Trade Center was destroyed by a series of planes crashing into it killing almost 3,000 innocent people. This event triggered the war on terrorism which later added more bloodshed.

THe war on Afghanistan has started due to the counterattack of the 9/11.

The International Criminal Court was established in accordance to the 9/11 attack last year. This court was established to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression.

A large section of the Antarctic Larsen Ice Shelf begins disintegrating, consuming about 3,250 km (1,254 miles) over 35 days making global warming a serious treat in our environment.

Siopao Master was born from the Nyoy Volante and Mannos forums.

The tension in the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq led the US to declare war on Iraq

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which started in Vietnam broke out and was rapidly spread all over the world killing thousands.

The Philippines was shocked as the SuperFerry 14 bombing which The Abu Sayyaf guerrilla group is blamed for the deadliest terrorist attack at sea in world history, which kills 116 in the Philippines.

Siopao Master established his first blog in tabulas with the URL

Siopao Master migrated to Blogger with the new URL:

The Roman Catholic Church was shocked when His Holiness Pope John Paul II (Karol J. Wojtyla) passed away on April 2 at his very own room."Our beloved Holy Father John Paul II has returned to his home. Let us pray for him" "Let perpetual light shine on him and let him repose in peace"

April 19, "Habemus Papam!". A new pope was elected. Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) was the 266th pope and the 1dt pope of the new millenium

Finally, After the long journey of educational atonement, I was officially a graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Participated on the annual AMACU outreach program that gives free education to the less fortunate. The said program encouraged me to be an instructor of AMACU and on May 26, I was finally hired and started Great Teacher Siopao (GTS)

Siopao Heaven bought the domain

Bill Gates stepped down as Chief Software Architect of Microsoft.

Siopao Master bought a PSP and a Nintendo DS.

Milenyo caused destruction in Metro Manila as billboards and other signboards were ripped off causing death and destruction. Since then, every time there's a typhoon, all billboards are mandatory pulled down.

Saddam Hussein was executed for crimes against humanity.

An earthquake caused the internet connection erratic for several weeks.

Sir Siopao bid farewell to his students in AMA Computer University.

Trinoma (Triangle North Mall) was opened directly in front of SM North Edsa. The mall wars at the North has begun.

The book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released all over the world. millions were sold instantly.

Sandara Park left the Philippines for good.

Sir Siopao was hired at Informatics International College as a CS/IT instructor.

The year started with a shock as my student and fellow gamer THE PWNERER died from an accident. I coudn't grasp the fact that he's dead and i will no longer see and hear his jolly personality.. This year also my very best friend left me for good. She and her husband migrated to Saudi Arabia but promised to keep in touch with me..a promise that was never kept.

Siopao Master started toy collecting and joined Otakai Figure Society.

Sir Siopao and his students had an IT tour at Tsukiden Software Philippines. The event which triggered something in 2009.

Last April, Sir Siopao finally resigned as an instructor in Informatics. He later started working at Tsukiden Software Philippines, a Japanese owned company.

A(H1N1) spread all over the world, Worldwide hygiene was drastically changed due to this epidemic.

The whole world was shocked last June as the King of Pop Michael Jackson died, He was scheduled to have a world tour entitled "This is it" to ver 50 countries. He was aged 50.

Another heavy blow was suffered by the Filipino people as former president Cory Aquino died of cardiac arrest. She was considered as a modern day hero and she had a major part in the Edsa Revolution.

Siopao Master bought for his figure gallery.

Super Typhoon Ondoy struck the Filipino people where they least expected killing a lot of people and destroying properties even on the places not usually flooded. The bravery and patriotism of every Filipino was shown as thousands volunteered in relief and rescue operations.

Maguindanao became the center of the story as a private army massacred hundreds of individuals, men and women. This is the most gruesome crime that was related to politics that was related to the 2010 elections.

The decade taught us to be vigilant and remain faithful to God. The next decade will further test our body and spirit. May we all have the courage and strength to face these ordeal.

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