Sunday, December 27, 2009


Only the Avatar master of the four elements...wait..wrong movie! It's been confusing to the Avatar: The Last Airbender fans out there but James Cameron got hold of the title Avatar for his movie about humans linking to the bodies of aliens they call "avatar" to secretly mingle with the planet's natives. There was quite a hype when Avatar was shown through out the country. Some mistakenly assumed that it was a "Warcraft" movie, and worst "DOTA". But those idiots didn't know that this one is waayy different from those mentioned. Let's get straight to the point. I will not sugarcoat this review for all I can say is my opinion and no BS. If you are a sci-fi geek like me, you'll know that the concept, plot etc. was a combination of previous successful sci-fi stories rolled up into one story. But hey, I'm not complaining. If you ever had the chance to watch this in 3D, do so, for the money's worth it. Stunning eye candy everywhere. The texture and lighting of the objects were crisp and fully detailed. The flowing water and the raging flames all were rendered magnificently. If you have been playing PC games for quite some time now, these are a wow factor to you. The whole environment of Avatar down to the tiniest insect were given attention which resulted to a very beautiful movie. Some may not appreciate these elements, but gamers and techies like me will surely drool over this masterpiece.

BTW, the moral lesson of the movie? Never get hooked up to your "other life" a.k.a. online life for you will find it hard to continue living in your real life.


blood on the mirror said...


Don't forget the whole terrorist idea mixed in with the movie.

The whole "humans think they can get whatever they want" plot. Not to mention the whole "Man VS Nature" conflict.

But yes, it's amazing how James Cameron managed to use cliche ideas and still make it awesome.

Siopao Master said...

yeah, a strong message here is that wherever humans go, they tend to destroy the beauty of nature and never got the chance to appreciate it

Anonymous said...

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