Saturday, December 25, 2010

Review: RPG Metanoia

It's the Metro Manila Film Festival once again and it is mandatory to show all Filipino made movies from December 25 up to January 7. One of the entries got my attention, the first Filipino full length CG animated movie finally became a reality. RPG Metanoia is an all Filipino CG movie production. Did the movie lived up to its promise? Or is this another epic failure? Find out after the jump.

During the promotion of RPG Metanoia, I confess that I was skeptical. Due to the history of fails in past films, my faith in the Philippine movie industry was a size of a walnut. I was a bit curious in this "innovation" so I ended up watching Metanoia.

A heed of warning, This movie was five years in the making and you can see it in the quality of the animation. It's true that the movie is in full Computer Generated (CG). But like I said, it was bit of outdated.

Story-wise, the plot reminded me of the famous anime .hack but with added Filipino twist. As with other film fest entries, this movie gave a moral lesson specifically for the children who waste their youth on MMORPGs. You can see in the entire movie the elements of the "Pinoy culture", from the tricycle to the pakbet and longanissa, everything is all Filipino. Hardcore movie geeks may find Metanoia heavily referencing to past successful movies, from some actions sequence of the Matrix, to some dialog of Pinoy heroes. But some Hollywood films also do this so I think Metanoia can get away with it.

The musical score was impressive. No cheesy novelty song here (thank God). My only gripe is the the quality of the dialogs. It's like watching an anime dubbed for local TV. The sound is kinda monaural and it will get in your nerves when all of the kid characters speak at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I like the sound effects and the insert songs, but when it comes to the dialog, I hate it.

The eye candy can make little kids drool, but to the "older" audience it was kinda repetitive and old. But who am I to criticize the works of my countrymen who clearly showed that the Filipino can do it. Maybe, if we have the top of the line hardware, the future of our 3D animation will be at par with those of Pixar and Dreamworks.

RPG Metanoia is made by the Filipino, for the Filipino. A little tweak and it will be a world class quality of animation.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tips on Buying Your Gadget This Christmas Season

There's a big smirk on your face as you check your balance on your bank account. The thirteenth month pay and the bonus is more than enough to buy that gadget you've been dreaming of. But before that, is it worth spending all your hard-earned cash just to satisfy that craving? Here are some tips in buying a gadget without crying in the end.

1. Necessity vs. Aesthetics

That latest iPad is mouth watering, but do you really need it that badly?

A lot of people tend to buy gadgets due to sheer popularity and end up not using them eventually. If you already have a laptop and contented with an iPod, would an iPad make a difference? Would buying a DSLR boost your confidence into taking pictures even though you know only how to use the full auto mode and doesn't bother learning what the hell is an aperture and a shutter speed is? Would you buy a Blackberry Bold just because Ann Curtis-Smith is using one? A lot of people succumb to their vanity and end up spending cash on gadgets that was never used on the purpose they were made of. Before buying that gadget, think of how will you use it in the long run. That way, you can realize that you can buy a cheaper alternative that can aid you in your endeavors.

2. Features: Need or Novelty?

Newly released gadgets today have what you call "features that separate them from the rest" . Like the camera with an LCD in front to take that perfect self portrait or cellphones that boast pet detection that automatically takes a snapshot of your pet when detected. Come on, do you really need to spend that extra just for these features you end up not using anyway? When buying a gadget, think of how its features will help you along the way. A swiveling LCD for a DSLR would be perfect for those impossible angled shots. The WiFi tethering feature of Android phones will save you thousands on a mobile WiFi router.

3. The reason behind that sale

Shops usually put their gadgets on sale because of these reasons:

1. Old stock.
2. Nobody is buying this crap.
3. A "slight" defect (manufacturer or shop's fault)
4. Phasing this thing out.

for example, Nikon slashed the price of their D60 model from P32,000 down to P19,000. This sale will be in effect while supply lasts. That means, they were emptying their shelves with this old model to make way for their newer models.

Before grabbing that sale, think of the gadget you are buying. Is this already outdated? How much will I add for a new one?

4. Moore's Law

The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years

You must be aware about this law. Manufacturers tend to create newer versions of their products faster than you can save up to buy that product. Spending your whole fortune over a state-of-the-art gadget only to be replaced on the next day with a newer model with the same price would be heart breaking indeed. One example, if you are planning to buy an iPad. iPad 2 is coming this February 2011. So if you can wait for it, you'll find out what features it might have (thus following tips 1-3).

5. The gray market what?

Long time gadget buyers know that buying gadgets on your local mall will cost you a lot more than buying over online stores or what they call "gray market". These merchants sell original gadgets but without the "mall fee" and the "local distributor fee" that makes a gadget expensive. Don't know if some acquire it illegally, but a lot of these gray markets directly got their stocks from abroad thus skipping the added expenses. For example, if you buy a Canon EOS 550D in your local mall, it will be worth P41,000 but if you buy it on the gray market, it will only be P30,000. Be aware that buying on the gray market will only get you a 1 year warranty as opposed to buying on a local store with a 3 year warranty. If you are on a tight budget and you handle your gadgets carefully, that P30,000 will be enough.

Follow these tips when buying a gadget and yuo end up saving a lot. That extra cash can be bought for stuff that may protect your gadget in the future.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Review: Tron Legacy

28 years ago, Tron became a cult classic because of its futuristic story and state-of-the-art effects. Will the sequel Tron: Legacy deliver the same impact as its predecessor or the long wait of the fans resulted in vain? More after the jump.

I admit that I haven't watched the first film when it was shown 28 years ago (heck I'm only 26!) But that did not stop me from watching the sequel. First and foremost, you must really really be a geek to appreciate this film. The world of Tron (called The Grid here in the movie) is the idea of game developers 28 years ago. An idea that makes the user experience a different world without restrictions of the real world. Sounds familiar? You bet! It's the concept of the now popular MMOGs out there.

Believe me, for a gamer like me, watching Tron does not only make me nostalgic with playing those old coin-op games but also made me feel a true blue gamer. From the concept of the grid, to the effects of those lights attached to the clothes of the actors made this film an epic. The rendering of Jeff Bridges face, making him younger, is a really cool concept. No need to have another actor for that younger role. They just need to work on those eyes to show more emotions.

The chemistry of Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde jived and their team-up fight sequence is worth watching over and over again. The effects added more eye candy to the already great fighting sequences. Speaking of effects. The light cycles are beautifully rendered so watching this film on 3D is a must (even though only the Grid is on 3D, not the "real world").

Overall, geeks who had waited for this film were not disappointed, even though it's a slow pacing movie to some movie goers. I do hope the sequel wlll be in production soon. I don't want to wait another 28 years for Tron 3.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Truth Behind The Facebook Cartoon Character Campaign

Last November 19, a post was circulating around Facebook requesting everyone to change their profile picture into cartoon characters from their childhood. The post was:

Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday, Dec 6th of 2010, there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories! This is for a campaign against violence on children

A lot of people joined, but some protested, they said that it was just an elaborated hoax by pedophiles. The post was:

FRAUD ALERT: Apparently the group asking everyone to change their profile to change their profile picture to their favorite cartoon is actually a group of pedophiles. They're doing it because kids will accept their friend request if they see a cartoon. Nothing to do with supporting child violence. It was on that TV show that warns you about internet frauds. Pass this on to everyone who has a cartoon profile picture

So who's telling the truth? What's really behind this campaign? Find out after the jump.

First let's find out what was really the original message that propagated all over Facebook:

NewGame: Change your profile picture to your favorite cartoon from when you were a kid. The goal of this game is not to see a human picture on Facebook, but an invasion of childhood memories until Monday. PLAY AND PASS ALONG!

As you can see, the message was morphed into something that included a call to action. The internet meme spread like wildfire because everyone wanted to join.

The video of NSPCC showing a cartoon kid beaten by his father was real. But the instruction of changing your Facebook profile picture was added later on to make the meme real. It's true that you must not believe everything you see on the internet.

The campaign may or may not be true, but the message was clear. Just like wearing a pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness, changing your profile picture to a cartoon character delivered a solid message that everyone supported.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen died at age 84

Leslie Nielsen, the actor of Airplane! and all of the Naked Gun sequels passed away at age 84. Nielsen died Sunday at a hospital near his home in Ft. Lauderdale where he was being treated for pneumonia. Thank you for the laughter.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tech Friday: COMDDAP Expo 2010

COMDDAP or Computer Manufacturers, Distributors & Dealers Association of the Philippines will be having their annual expo this December 2 up to December 5, 2010. For those who are wondering what's this expo is all about, it's just the showcase of well renowned IT companies from all around the world. 51 companies will either display their latest product, or will try to meet their last quarter sales by selling their products in rock bottom prices. Expect the likes of Microsoft and Apple. Intel and AMD, and many many more. Details and event schedule after the jump.

COMDDAP Expo 2010
December 2 - December 5, 2010
SM Mall of Asia SMX Convention
10:00AM - 7:00PM

‘HUNT’ Mechanics

1. The ‘HUNT’ is open to

individuals residing in the Philippines excluding COMDDAP EXPO MANILA 2010 organizers and staff up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity; and
Philippine-owned and based private companies, government institutions, and ‘ non-profit organizations excluding those who are classified as part of the I.C.T. industry in all levels as distributors, resellers, representatives and agents of PC manufacturers, brands or services;

2. PC units to be entered in the ‘HUNT’ must be in its original form, not necessarily working, and with its basic original components intact;
3. The ‘HUNT’ entries must conform to the following definition:

Microcomputer designed for use by an individual at one time;
Comprised of the following components: central processing unit (CPU), internal memory consisting of RAM and ROM;
Capable of connecting to a data storage device (i.e. hard disc, floppy disc, cassette drives, CD/ROM/DVD, etc.) and input/output device.

4. Entry forms will be made available together with the contest rules in the site. These forms must be accomplished in full and sent via (a) email to or ; (b) faxed to +632 8156531; (c) delivered by postage to: The COMDDAP Secretariat, 7F SEDCCO Building, Rada Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Entries must be postmarked or dated no later than October 31, 2010.
5. All entries will be reviewed by the Organizers to ensure that no duplication of models or brands are entered. In the event that there are duplications, the first to submit their entry (to be based on the postmarked [if mailed] or date [if sent via email or facsimile] is qualified to join.
6. Qualified entry owners will be contacted by the COMDDAP Secretariat via telephone and email to confirm the entry.
7. The ‘Hunt’ PC entries are expected to be at the COMDDAP Secretariat Office on or before November 15, 2010. These units remain to be the sole property of the owners, as defined in the official entry form.
8. Qualified entries will be displayed (from December 2 to 5), judged, and awarded during the Opening Ceremony of COMDDAP EXPO MANILA 2010 event on December 2 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Entry Process & Form
1. Download the form from site.
2. Entries (included in the form) must be accomplished in full to include the following data:

(a) Owner’s Name;
(b) Complete Address;
(c) Contact Number/s;
(d) Email Address/es; and
(e) Full Description of PC citing the (1) brand; (2) Model; (3) Accessories/Peripherals included; and (4) Working or Non-working.
3. All entries should be accompanied with a photo that will show the unit in full clarity.

Judging Criteria

1. PC Unit’s state [completeness – main board and CPU; all components intact] – 70%
2. Age of PC Unit [launching date pf PC model in the market*] – 30%

Bonus points maybe given to working PCs at the time of submission to the COMDDAP Secretariat or of display (December 2, 2010).

NOTE: Old PCs that may qualify: Apple II, Commodore 64s, IBM PCXT or other 1st generation units, Altair 8800b, 1960 Digital PDP-1


1. There will be a maximum of two (2) auctions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, depending on the number of event participants who are willing to have their products auctioned off.
2. Items to be auctioned will be displayed either physically in the auction area or via picture in the projector screen with the corresponding specifications and suggested retail prices (SRPs).
3. The auctioneer will start the auction by announcing and describing the item to be auctioned starting with the agreed starting bid price.
4. Qualified bidders will be allowed to give their bid offer on the floor.
5. All of the offered bid prices will be displayed on the projector screen as the auctioneer conducts the bidding process.
6. The auctioneer will give three (3) opportunities for any bidder to give his last offer after which the bid process ends. Highest bid wins.
7. Each bidding has a maximum of ten (10) minutes to complete.
8. A Certificate or Confirmation Slip will be given to the winning bidder (after each bid) as a proof, and to be used for processing of payment and claim.

1. For Activity Participants/ Vendors
a. Interested activity participants (limited to confirmed event exhibitors only) can submit registration form to the COMDDAP Secretariat, subject to approval by the committee in charge.
b. Items to be auctioned off should be submitted/delivered to the COMDDAP Secretariat, and PRIOR to the event dates. Vendor should indicate the starting bid price, and the suggested retail price (SRP).
2. For Bidders
a. Interested bidders should register at the Registration Counter, or the area designated for Auction Registration.
b. Daily Auction is open to both the exhibit visitors and the personnel of the event participants/exhibitors.

1. The auctioned items that had a winning bid, should be paid in cash or credit card, or dependent on the vendor’s policy on the same day that it was auctioned off. Otherwise, the bidding exercise is forfeited.
2. Warranty of items will be based on the vendor’s policy.
3. 10% of the winning bid price will be “donated” to COMDDAP, which in turn will be added to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds of the event.

1. Only items worth One Thousand Pesos only (Php 1,000.00) and over are qualified for auction.
2. All items to be auctioned off should be ICT related.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1

The two-part epic fantasy film based from the popular novel finally hit the screen. The reason behind the splitting of the final movie is to avoid truncating the novel. Is it worth it or the movie did not meet the expectations of the millions of Harry Potter fans? Read the review after the jump.

I was supposed to watch the film on IMAX 3D but both SM North and SM Mall of Asia were sold out until Sunday. So I settled down with the ordinary screening, but enough of that.

Just like the previous movie, some might like the latest one, and some die hard bookworms will not. The movie was made into a two part to avoid omitting a lot of scenes that was on the book as answer to previous complaints. But for me, who read the book (link contains spoiler) Some details were still omitted after all, like the events on Godric's Hollow and those on the Ministry of Magic. To be fair with J.K. Rowling and the film writer Steve Kloves, it was really hard to cram everything into 146 minutes. So let's just concentrate on the film shall we?

First off, the cinematography was new compared to previous movies. The dark, dangerous atmosphere was shown dramatically on the whole film. The over-exposed like film achieved a gritty, moody feel. No more beautifully colored garments and fabulously designed Hogwarts. All was left were quiet lonely places and dirty rugged garments as the three flee for their lives. The effects, especially those of spells were beautifully rendered (which makes me want to watch it on 3D if given a chance). The tale of the deathly hallows was remarkably presented in an ethnic-like presentation, which is new to the series. Radcliffe, Grint, Watson and the rest of the original cast acted a lot more maturely this time as they have grown with their characters.

If you were expecting a happy, fantasy film then this one will disappoint you. There were no scenes that reminisce school life. It's more like a suspense thriller, where the protagonists constantly chased every now and then. Expect some violence and some blood in some part of the film as Deathly Hallows departed from a children's fairytale into a serious film.

In the end, just like before, the reception of the film will be split down between the hardcore fans and the movie junkies. Watch it on 3D if you get the chance, it will be worth it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why isn't Siopao Master blogging a lot recently?

Some readers had emailed me (I have readers?! srsly?!) and was asking why am I not updating my site like I used to. Well some factors had prohibited distracted me from blogging. Find them out after the jump.

Reason #1

Been active with some events lately, the latest was the disappointing LG sale which wasted my whole Saturday. "Why haven't you blog about it man?", you might ask. Well, I kinda posted it on the GameOPS website. I wanted to add more traffic to my website, but I'd rather post it on GameOPS because I'm 100% sure a lot of people will read it (contrary to some people I know that believed that GameOPS is just a site being run by gay people and losers, poor morons)

Reason #2

Microblogging sites like twitter and plurk were aleady my outlet for some ideas and stuff. Heck, I can post something there even when I'm eating or doing some other stuff.Only those ideas longer than 140 characters are posted here on my blog. So yeah, blame them for the lack of content here (lol)

Reason #3

I'm not the type of blogger who post anything just to have some visitors coming here. I post what interests me and share it with all. I don't post hate content like someone who wrote a 6,000+ words blog which nobody gave a damn reading. I don't also made it checked by others for grammatical errors because I know my English (heh) So yeah, ultimately, my third reason is.. I don't blog crap.

Reason #4

Some of my older posts are still visited until today (like The Rise and Fall of Sandara Park and What Makes Me Proud to be a Filipino) So yey for traffic!

Reason #5

I'm just plain lazy

That is all.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Canon Photomarathon 2010

Canon held their annual photomarathon last Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia SMX convention wherein thousands of photographers joined to show off their skills and meet other shutterbugs.

As early as 6am, shutterbugs flocked SMX hall 1 as the Canon staff gave away the photomarathon kits. Eventually, everyone is wearing a read t-shirt especially made for the event. A matching cap was also provided to complete the get-up.

The program kicked off as the hosts welcomed everyone and explained the mechanics of the contest.

There were three themes and each theme was given 2 1/2 hours to complete (including download of the picture)

Photographers, pro or hobbyist alike scouted the whole Pasay, Manila and Makati to get that shot and win the grand prize.

A telephoto lens coffee mug was a sweet gift from Canon which made us happy despite being tired and hungry.

For a first timer like me, and an amateur photographer, the photomarathon made me loved photography even more. I will no longer limit my photography skills on toy photography and cosplayers, but find a nice subject, wherever, whenever.

Canon did a wonderful job in providing shutterbugs like me this opportunity to get out there and have fun.

You can view the entire gallery here

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rurouni Kenshin coming to the PSP

Rurouni Kenshin's creator Nobuhiro Watsuki ended the series' manga back in 1999 and aired its last OAV last 2001. But fans rejoice, Kenshin Himura is back as a 2D game on Sony Playstation Portable. More after the jump

Rurouni Kenshin, popularly known as Samurai X in the Philippines will finally get its new game adaptation after 5 years.

Bandai Namco announced that the title of the game is Rurouni Kenshin, Meiji Kenkaku Romantan Saisen and is expected to come out in Spring 2011 in Japan and is exclusive to the Sony Playstation Portable.

Visit the official website

cross posted at GameOPS

Friday, October 22, 2010

IT Support Needed!

PNI Management Philippines, Inc. is currently looking for experienced IT professionals. Details below:

Position: IT Support

Employment Type: Regular / Project-hire

Yrs of experience: at least 5 yrs

Slot/s: 1

Job description:

  • This person will be the technical support for the Open SGC v10. He or she must be well versed in Oracle Database and Java Application Server running on Unix or Linux Environments. The Main Responsibilities will be:

· Oracle DBA

· Unix / Linux System Administrator

· Application Server Administrator

· Unix / Linux Shell Scripting/programming

· Hardware Sizing and Configuration


  • At least a BS in a computer related course such as CS, or ECE
  • At least 5 years experience as a Unix / Linux Operating System Sysad and shell scripting
  • At least 2 Years experience as Oracle DBA
  • At least 2 years experience using Java Application servers such as Apache Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic.

Kindly forward your application to Franshine Chingcuanco at Be sure to give my name (John Andrew Delos Santos) so that she can process your application immediately

SAP Programmers Needed!

PNI Management Philippines, Inc. is currently looking for experienced SAP programmers. Details below:

Position Title

ABAP Programmer

Job Level

Place of Assignment

Makati, Corporate Support, MIS

Title of Immediate Superior

Asst. Mgr. SAP Functional




Responsible for analyzing, preparing program specification and development of SAP ABAP Program codes and other external application systems as necessary.


  1. Develops, sets up, configures, and enhances SAP ABAP Programmer codes to meet the current and future requirements and to support company's initiatives.
  2. Designs and maintain converter interface programs between SAP and PC-based systems to make data conversion from external file to SAP possible.
  3. Provides support to SAP Project Team ( Retail, SD, MM, WM, PP, FICO) in terms of data Mapping, Uploading, Conversion, Data Cleansing, and address user needs in relation to ABAP, Batch Input, Query to support smooth (Retail, SD, MM, WM, PP, FICO) operations.
  4. Seeks to understand project requirements & develop test plan & cases to ensure quality of application code.
  5. Uses Load Master Data view, etc. via text,spreadsheet or other methods to introduce new concepts in data migration.
  6. Provide an up-to-date documentation on all implemented and/or revised ABAP Programs for reference purposes.
  7. Assists in developing system enhancement to increase SAP R/3 System usability.
  8. Gains technical experience with ALE, IDOC, EDI, user exits, interfaces SAP Scripts and Smart to form to identify areas for improvement to sustain and improve business process flows.
  9. Does tasks that may be assigned from time to time to facilitate efficient operations.


Education: College degree in Computer Programming or any related course

Experience: 2 years experience in coding SAP ABAP programs, including upgrades, enhancements, fixes & reports


Knowledge: Windows OS and other productivity tools, PC-based application system programming

Skills: Ability to develop multiple facets of given module, including database structure/data modeling, interfaces/data conversion/migrations, testing strategies, integration impacts of current system and proposed changes and other areas.


Adaptable, Creative, Resourceful, Accommodating, Objective, Analytical, Evaluative

Kindly forward your application to Franshine Chingcuanco at Be sure to give my name (John Andrew Delos Santos) so that she can process your application immediately

Sunday, October 17, 2010

US Congress files COICA to ultimately stop piracy

Iran and China were both known for giving their citizens a hard time accessing the internet by limiting the websites they can visit. The 111th US Congress last week, filed a bill (S. 3804) that may enable internet blacklist all over the land of the free. Details after the jump.

The COICA or Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act is the latest bill the US Congress came up with to finally stop piracy over the internet. Enabling the government to block all public websites that will violate COICA. It's like Iran or China blocking everything (including Google)

COICA creates two blacklists of Internet domain names. Courts could add sites to the first list; the Attorney General would have control over the second. Internet service providers and others (everyone from PayPal to Google AdSense) would be required to block any domains on the first list. They would also receive immunity if they block domains on the second list.

The lists are for sites "dedicated to infringing activity," Any domain name where counterfeit goods or copyrighted material are "central to the activity of the Internet site" could be blocked.

You might think that "What the F* do I care? I'm not from the US". Well as you already know, The Philippines always copy what our "brother" US do so expect them to follow soon.

You can read the complete bill here before it gets approved by the US government.

Also, the US netizens are on a crusade to stop this bill by filing a petition here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Future of Social Media

Social media is the term used to content that enables users to interact and share their thoughts real time. Since the boom of the internet, Ways of interacting online developed, from internet relay chat to clicking that like button on Facebook. With this rapid change, what will be the future of social media?

First, we must assess how we use the social media. With millions of netizens, a single information can travel across the net faster than you can say pron. netizens use it to relay info to their "buddies" at any chance they can get. With twitter and plurk at their disposal, delivering news can be done in an instant.

Like the internet itself, social media can be a double-edged sword. anything posted online is unmoderated, unedited and uncensored. Some people may remember Jacque Bermejo and the rage of the Filipino people because of her alleged "statement". Some believed it, some didn't, and that's the problem with social media, Everything is believable.

On the brighter side, social media can be a powerful tool to help save lives and spread awareness to the people.. The Rescue InfoHub during the Ondoy devastation and the #juanvote internet-based campaign for the 2010 National Elections.

With the rapid growth of mobile communications, social media is accessible to almost everyone who has an internet connection. More users, more content shared online. More participation, more communication. If you are walking on the street and you happen to see an incident worth telling to others, you grab your cellphone, use your favorite social media network and share the information. Expect a quick response and a "repost" (retweet or replurk for some) and within seconds, thousands already knew what happened on that place. When you go home, the evening news will deliver that information (which apparently was taken from the internet).

In the future, privacy will be a major issue. Identity theft and false accusation will grow rampant. Scams will be more creative and con artists will have their feast. but, social media may also be the one thing that can save your life in an emergency.

Ultimately, the future of social media depend on the users themselves.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Otaku Expo Reload

From the bright minds of Otakuzine comes the event that will awaken the otaku inside of you.

Otaku Expo Reload will be held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 and will run from October 8 up to October 10. The following are the events scheduled for the convention:

Battle of the Bands (Oct 8-10)
Karaoke Contest (Oct 8-10)
On the Spot art Contest Individual / Group (Oct 9-10)
Kpop Dance Competition (Oct 9-10)
Group Cosplay (Oct 9)
Individual Cosplay (Oct 10)

Bring your friends and don't forget to charge those cameras because you'll never know what will happen there.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tech Friday: Instant Photography is Back

Remember the good old times of Polaroid film? You know, take a shot and develop the film on the spot. I know some of the younger generation might not know this cool camera, but to the rest of us, owning a Polaroid camera was neat back then.

Now, you can enjoy once again that point, shoot and develop feel because Polaroid's instant camera and instant film is back on business. Details after the jump.

Introducing the new CZA-05300 Polaroid PoGo (called Polaroid 2.0 by some). This baby has a 5.0 megapixel sensor and a 4x digital zoom. This may be downright boring to some, but what this baby have is a build in high speed printer. The built-in Zink printer produces quality colored 2x3 inches pictures 40 seconds per photo. The photo paper is smudge proof, water resistant and tear resistant and comes with an adhesive back to let you stick your pictures anywhere.

If you are into photography just for fun or you're just a vain person. This camera is definitely for you. The SRP is P9,995 in some famous electronics boutique.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairy Tail Coming to Animax

The world's leading anime channel is going to air one of the highest rated anime of 2010. Details after the jump

Animax Asia is going to air one of Japan's highly rated anime. Fairy Tail will premiere on September 30, 2010 and will air every Monday to Friday at 10pm.

Set in a fantasy world where magic is the way of life, Lucy had always wanted to join the famous Fairy Tail mage guild and travelled to the kingdom of Fiore in that hope. Along the way, she crosses paths with Natsu and his talking-and-flying cat Happy who are seeking a dragon.

Abducted by someone posing as ‘Salamander’ from the Fairy Tail guild, Lucy is then rescued by Natsu who reveals that he is in fact the real ‘Salamander’ with dragon slaying abilities. Offering her membership into the Fairy Tail guild, Natsu, Happy and Lucy then join female warrior Erza Scarlet, and ice mage Gray Fullbuster as a team to embark of various missions for the Fairy Tail guild.

Fairy Tail is co-produced by top anime studios A-1 Pictures (Kuroshitsuji, Valkyria Chronicles) and Satelight (Macross Frontier, Hellsing OVA). Fairy Tail features top voice actresses Aya Hirano (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Death Note) and Rie Kugimiya (Shakugan no Shana, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) as the voices of lead characters Lucy and Happy respectively.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Otakai Figure Society Hacked

The most prestigious anime figure community has suffered a DDOS this morning allegedly by some Iranian and Turkish hackers. Having been hacked means Otakai Figure Society is getting a lot of attention, not just locally but all across the globe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Mario

The video game character that almost all generations knew celebrated his 25th birthday yesterday. Yes, I'm talking about that pasta loving plumber who rescued that beautiful princess.

Mario Mario is the flagship of Nintendo and 25 years ago, Super Mario Brothers made its debut in Japan. Nintendo celebrates that historical moment in the US and in Japan.

With all the new Wii games involving Mario currently appearing, expect Mario to stick around for the generations to come.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tech Friday: Google Instant

No, it's not that just add water thing you are currently thinking right now. Google recently launched their new feature in their ever growing search engine.

Google Instant makes you see instantly the results of the keyword you were searching. This may be troublesome to others but this feature is pretty cool IMHO.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Review: Despicable Me

Usually the first impression on a cartoon about a guy and little kids would be just be plain boring. That's when you watch Despicable Me in 3D!

This movie, fully utilized the 3D experience and when I mean utilized, they make you really feel you are within the film. The roller coaster scene was a great example of what I'm talking about. It takes the audience into a first person perspective and you'll almost feel that you were the one riding the roller coaster. The sound was superb (well, based on the movie house I had watched the film. They are on Dolby Digital). The story may be generic to some, but the one-liners and gags will surely make you laugh out loud (I was guilty of this). The three girls especially Agnes were so cute I'm gonna die! The yellow minions made sure that there were no dull moments and Steve Carell gave justice to the main protagonist Gru. If you like cuteness, comedy and 3D, this movie is just made perfectly for you.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Tech Friday: Apple launches new iPod models

Last September 1, Steve Jobs introduced the new line of Apple iPods that will be available on stores this coming September 8, 2010.

These new breed of iPods will surely answer the need of the consumers for a better music experience. Details after the jump

iPod Shuffle

The "budget" iPod that sacrifices a display screen to bring you a cheap music player. The iPod Shuffle is now on its fourth generation includes the return of clickable track and volume controls form the first two generations. The control pad is 18% larger than the second generation of iPod shuffle and the model also features VoiceOver from the third generation in twenty-five languages. It also features Genius and handles multiple playlists. They are currently being sold in 2 Gigabyte models with US pricing for the device announced to start at US$49.

iPod Nano

My personal favorite. This iPod is like the standard iPod but suffers dwarfism. The sixth generation iPod nano now comes with a multi touch screen similar to the iPod Touch. Don't expect a large screen though. Some notable changes are as follows: the device now features a smaller lower resolution (higher pixel density) screen which supports multi-touch. The device supports over 24 hours of music playback on a single charge. Also, the device retains the same 30-pin dock connector as previous generations. The new iPod Nano also does not support video playback.Additionally, the device no longer has a camera or voice recorder, as Apple's market research determined that many customers rarely used those features in the previous generation devices. The 6th generation iPod is also at the same price point as the 5th generation device which is $149.

iPod Touch

The big daddy of the iPod line. Since it's first release last September 2007, the iPod Touch (some misname it as iTouch) sold millions already. The fourth generation ipod Touch is bundled with new innovations that will surely make you want to buy it. The front-facing camera for FaceTime, the iPhone's retina display, has support for recording 720p video and 960 x 720 still photos via a back camera, Apple's A4 chip, a built-in microphone and a 3-axis gyroscope are the notable changes that you can get from this next model which you can get for as low as $229.

There you have it folks. Apple will surely make your wallets cry in agony.

Till next time.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ozine Fest Encore cancelled!

Recently, Otakuzine announced that they are cancelling Ozine Fest Encore which was originally scheduled on October 1 up to October 3.

The renowned anime convention which is planning to have a "part 2" of their most successful con yet, called for a meeting today to discuss the plans for the Ozine Fest Encore.

Due to some problems with the "surprise" Japanese talent and to some production matters, they are pulling the plug on this event.

Expect to have a "mini con" to replace this event sometime soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tech Friday: McAfee sold to Intel for $7.68 billion

McAfee, the Santa Clara-based security / antivirus company, was recently acquired by Intel and it will function as a wholly owned subsidiary (under the control of its Software and Services group). Experts believe that this move is Intel's step into strengthening the security of connected devices (i.e. wifi gizmos). As we all know, we are already on the wireless age and a series of threats that attack the vulnerability of this network are developed every day. Let's just wait for what Intel is cooking after the acquisition.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tech Friday: Android OS

I've been busy lately and my site was overrun by outdated content. So here we are with a new gimmick that comes every week to satisfy your technophilia techo hunger. Welcome Techo Friday! It's Friday the 13th today and it's fitting to launch this new segment of my website on this wonderful day. Anyway, our first topic is one of the trending topics in twitter and geeks dig this operating system like hot pandesal. I'm talking about Android! So let's begin!

Android is none other than Google's flagship operating system for mobile devices (mobile phones, netbooks and such). It's based on Linux kernel and GNU software so expect it to be opensource.

A lot of developers jumped on the Android bandwagon since it's distribution last 2007 and doubled on its release last October 2008. Since then, lots of mobile companies like HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola took advantage of the flexibility of the OS to bring us mobile phones with rich content and customization. So how many versions of Android are there anyway? What the heck aere those cupcakes they were talking about? Well, just like Microsoft uses a codename/petname to their Windows, Google tend to satisfy their sweet tooth with these names:

note: Before they called it like sweet desserts, HTC Dream was the first mobile phone to use the Android OS (Android 1.0)

1.5 (Cupcake)
-Ability to record and watch videos through camcorder mode
-Uploading videos to YouTube and pictures to Picasa directly from the phone
-A new soft-keyboard with text-prediction
-Bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP support
-Ability to automatically connect to a Bluetooth headset within a certain distance
-New widgets and folders that can populate the Home screens
-Animated screen transitions

LG GW620, HTC Hero and Motorola MB300 were among the first early adopters of this version.

1.6 (Donut)
-An improved Android Market experience
-An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery interface
-Gallery now enables users to select multiple photos for deletion
-Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts-
-Updated search experience to allow searching bookmarks, history, contacts, and the web from the home screen
-Updated technology support for CDMA/EVDO, 802.1x, VPNs, and a text-to-speech engine
-Support for WVGA screen resolutions
-Speed improvements in searching and camera applications
-Gesture framework and GestureBuilder development tool

HTC Sapphire, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 were among the popular phones who used this version.

2.0/2.1 (Eclair)
-Optimized hardware speed
-Support for more screen sizes and resolutions
-Revamped UI
-New Browser UI and HTML5 support
-New contact lists
-Better white-black ratio for backgrounds
-Improved Google Maps 3.1.2
-Microsoft Exchange support
-Built in flash support for Camera
-Digital Zoom
-MotionEvent class enhanced to track multi-touch events
-Improved virtual keyboard
-Bluetooth 2.1
-Live Wallpapers

Motorola Droid, HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy S and Google Nexus One were the notable mention on this version.

2.2 (Froyo)
-General Android OS speed, memory, and performance optimizations
-Additional application speed improvements courtesy of JIT implementation
-Integration of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application
-Increased Microsoft Exchange support (security policies, auto-discovery, GAL look-up, calendar synchronization, remote wipe)
-Improved application launcher with shortcuts to Phone and Browser applications
-USB tethering and WiFi hotspot functionality
-Added an option to disable data access over mobile network
-Updated Market application with batch and automatic update features
-Quick switching between multiple keyboard languages and their dictionaries
-Voice dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth
-Support for numeric and alphanumeric passwords
-Support for file upload fields in the Browser application
-Browser can now display animated GIFs (instead of just the first frame)
-Support for installing applications to the expandable memory
-Adobe Flash 10.1 support

Motorola Droid 2 and HTC Evo 4G are one of the few current phones that uses this latest stable version.

note: An upcoming version (3.0) on Q4 2010 is named Gingerbread and support for WebM video playback and improved copy–paste functionalities are the currently confirmed features. Rumor has it that the upcoming "PSP phone" of Sony will use this version.

There you have it guys. If you are planning to join the Android craze, better check the version first and the capabilities of that "flavor" in order to satisfy your cravings.

Till next time on Tech Friday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: The Last Airbender

James Cameron was first to register the title Avatar. So, Nickelodeon took the title The Last Airbender instead. This movie was full of expectations from the millions of fans who liked the animated series. Did it gave justice to the cartoon or is it another movie adaptation failure? Read on.

The movie was shown earlier this July at the United States and a mix of glee and hate circulated around the interwebs. Even though there were a majority of negative criticism about this film, as a fan, I still chose to watch it. The film, from the perspective of a fan, was good, if it weren't for the disaster of a cast. Don't get me wrong here, the Fire Nation supposed to be possess Chinese like traits, but in the movie, they were Indians, no not American Indians, but Indians who had beaten us on the outsourcing and call center field. Noah Ringer could pass as Aang ,the main protagonist. But Nicola Peltz as Katara, Jackson Rathbone as Sokka and Dev Patel as Zuko, gave me a facepalm and a headache. Seriously. the casting was way off. It's like casting Kim Chiu as Alias or Bong Revilla Jr. as Captain America. The casting totally made me lost concentration on the film.

Next was supposed to be the "3D experience" of the film, even though we haven't watch it on 3D, I think it would be useless anyway. There were not enough "bending" and action to fully use the 3D experience. The only part of the film that looks good on 3D was the last action sequence, which is kinda lame, but the special effects were good. The sound and music was good and the story sticked to the cartoons even though audience who are new to the series will be confused due to the lack of explanations. If it weren't for the poor casting and bad acting, I would have recommended this movie to all my friends and acquaintances. But, alas, it was a nightmare. If Nick could not make this straight in the upcoming sequel (Book Two: Earth), a recast or just kill M. Night Shyamalan, then The Last Airbender will surely lose it fans who sticked to the animated series despite the delays and issues.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Microsoft's New Tagline

Microsoft recently announced its new corporate tagline. Find out after the jump.
"Be what's next"

That's it. As simple as that. I think Microsoft is cooking something and it would be a shocker.

Let's just wait and see.

Friday, July 09, 2010

FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2010

It's been a while since I last posted this list. a lot has changed in the list. A lot of new faces and some acquaintances appeared. Anyway, here's the list

100. Anna Scott
99. Eda Nolan
98. Carla Bianca
97. Mocha
96. Jamilla Obispo
95. Kristine Hermosa

94. Priscilla Meirelles
93. Saicy Aguila
92. Chariz Solomon
91. Bubbles Paraiso
90. Sofie Garrucho
89. Arra Castro
88. Empress Schuck
87. Sexbomb Girls
86. Jaymee Joaquin
85. Rachel Marcial
84. Jem Milton
83. Karylle
82. Megan Young
81. Ryza Cenon
80. Julia Clarete
79. Maggie Wilson
78. Rashel Piazza
77. Paulene So
76. Alodia Gosiengfiao
75. Rich Asuncion
74. Kitty Girls
73. Sheree
72. Rufa Mae Quinto
71. Maricar Reyes
70. Janna Dominguez
69. Abby Poblador
68. Eurasia
67. Maui Taylor
66. Francine Prieto
65. Cherry Kubota
64. Jahziel Manabat
63. LJ Reyes
62. Nikki Gil
61. Eula Valdez
60. Lovi Poe
59. NiƱa Jose
58. Jean Garcia
57. Grace Lee
56. Max Eigenmann
55. Regine Angeles
54. Aubrey Miles
53. Megan Fox
52. Kris Bernal
51. Maureen Larrazabal
50. Andi Eigenmann
49. Paw Diaz
48. Krista Ranillo
47. Jacq Yu
46. Rachel Ann Go
45. Carlene Aguilar
44. Jennica Garcia
43. Bianca Gonzales
42. Alessandra De Rossi
41. Aze Sazaki
40. Toni Gonzaga
39. Ornusa Cadness
38. EB Babes
37. Sarah Geronimo
36. Paloma
35. Michelle Madrigal
34. Bea Alonzo
33. RR Enriquez
32. Sam Pinto
31. Daiana Menezes
30. Iza Calzado
29. Carla Abellana
28. Pauleen Luna
27. Kristel Moreno
26. Valerie Concepcion
25. Heart Evangelista
24. Iya Villania
23. Shaina Magdayao
22. Georgina Wilson
21. Mariel Rodriguez
20. Bianca King
19. KC Conception
18. Anne Curtis
17. Rhian Ramos
16. Diana Zubiri
15. Maja Salvador
14. Kim Chiu
13. Jennylyn Mercado
12. Erich Gonzales
11. Jackie Rice
10. Ehra Madrigal
9. Bangs Garcia
8. Regine Velasquez
7. Katrina Halili
6. Angelica Panganiban
5. Iwa Moto
4. Marian Rivera
3. Cristine Reyes
2. Marisa Miller - Global Winner
1. Angel Locsin - Philippine's Finest

If you want to see the pics, go buy the magazine. It's only P150 and it's available almost everywhere.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Google DevFest 2010

Last July 6, 2010. The GameOPS crew attended the Google DevFest 2010 held at the UP-AyalaLand Technohub. Google talked about the future of the Internet and the World Wide Web. A neat demo of the Google Apps and the jaw-dropping capabilities of HTML5 and the CSS. To be honest, this site of mine is OUTDATED! If I have the time, I'll learn HTML5 and apply it to a major overhaul of this 5-year old website

You can see the pics of the event here

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toycon, Toy Story 3 and being sick

I was supposed to write an article about The 9th Philippine Toycon and a movie review of Toy Story 3, but due to my officemates always wondering why am I the only one who doesn't get sick finally got answered by two days of fever and a day of headache. Anyway, I'll just cram all those supposed to be posts into this one entry instead. Read on baby!

The 9th Philippine Toycon
What can I say? It was a damn success! First time in my entire life that I took part in not just one exhibit, but two! Otakai Figure Society and GameOPS was the two booths I was talking about. Otakai once again proved that Anime figs never loses their charm especially to the girls. GameOPS made you relived your childhood memories by playing Duck Hunt or Super Mario 1. Anyway, Toycon itself makes you feel like a kid once more with all those toys and lolis all over the place. Congratulations to the Toycon staff and see you all next year!

Toy Story 3
Finally, the much awaited conclusion to the Toy Story franchise. It was not long ago (actually 1995) when we first saw Toy Story. The first full 3D animated cartoon by Disney and Pixar. The sequel, Toy Story 2 was shown last 1999, the end of the millennium. It took almost a century for the third installment but it was really worth the wait. Some may think that ten years was way too long, the fans who loved it back in 1999 outgrew it already! Wrong! In fact, when I was lining up to buy a ticket and accidentally it's Father's Day, Those young dads introduced Toy Story to their children as if passing down a torch to the next generation. Isn't that cool? Also, the movie has shown the younger generation what do our toys look like back then. Come on, you felt nostalgia when you see those toys in the movie. I'm definetly buying the whole set on DVD! And on a final note: Spanish Buzz rocks!

So that's it folks! See you all around sometime soon on my website (hope you still reading)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

InuYasha on Animax

Many on my age group knows who is InuYasha. Many were captivated by the story of a school girl named Kagome who discovered InuYasha's world. The love that materialized between the two of the and the friends they met along the way was truly a wonderful experience. Animax likes you to relive those fond memories and also watch the conclusion to this classic anime.

Read the full story on GameOPS

Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 2010 Live Streaming

It's the Super Bowl of Games and Gadgets! Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 will start on June 14, 2010 10:00 am Pacific Time. You can watch it live thanks to Gamespot. Visit the press conference of your choice by clicking the links below:

June 14
Microsoft Press Conference - 10:00AM
EA Press Conference - 2:00PM
Ubisoft Press Conference - 5:00PM

June 15
Nintendo Press Conference - 9:00AM
Sony Press Conference - 12:00NN

You can also check Gamespot's Live Show for on-the-floor camera view of the said event

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Aquino-Binay as New Leaders of Our Country

Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and Jejomar Binay were officially proclaimed as the new president and vice president respectively. After the first national automated election last month, the results were finalized and the people have spoken. Will the two hold to their promise? Will they finally stop the crisis that plague our nation? Noynoy has a reputation to protect, the reputation his parents patriotically built. Jejomar bragged that he changed Makati, can he change the whole country? They will officially start office on June 30 and there's a big challenge awaits them.