Friday, January 08, 2010

Arguing Over the Internet

There's been a lot of fighting over the internet lately. Small arguments boom to a large scale, creating tension to some netizens. Flaming is the term used when attacking someone directly by a comment or a remark. Usually, it starts when someone makes a comment over a post or statement. Some may reply in a civilized way to that comment, but some reply in a negative way. Some intentionally do this to further anger the commenter. Flaming may result to insulting the appearance of a person, correcting their grammar and spelling, anything that can be excused to bash that person. Some flaming is a result of a heated argument between two parties divided in their opinions and beliefs. Some bash away behind a protective barrier called anonymous, popularly known as anon to avoid retaliation.So why is this rampant today? Why is a small issue sensationalized this way? It's ironic that Christmas ended only half a month ago and the sharing and loving is already forgotten. You should try to be calm. Just ignore that person who is constantly bashing you. Always remember that you are an educated person and you should not stoop down to their level of thinking. Remember this, arguing over the internet is like joining the special Olympics. Even if you win, you are still retarded.

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