Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teachers are Unsung Heroes

There was currently a buzz about Rosanna "Osang" Roces in one episode of the popular talent show in ABS-CBN entitled Showtime. It was her remarks about the teachers in our country. She generalized the teachers as "Repeaters" and advised the contestant to "bad mouth" their teachers for not teaching them everything. Now, some may say that there's nothing wrong with what Osang said. But to me, a former teacher, it was an insult. Come on, of all the profession I know, a teacher is the most underpaid. Teachers sacrifice their time and effort just to deliver the lesson the students should know. I know there are teachers who are just useless but there are those who are dedicated to their work. Remember, teaching is not just a job, it's a passion. It takes dedication and patience to survive as a teacher and they were never honored with their sacrifices. MTRCB is an a-hole for suspending Showtime for 20 days because of the incident because only Osang deserve that sanction and not the whole show.

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