Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Future of My Motherland

It is less than one hundred days before the presidential elections. I am not into politics but I do give a damn to the future of our country. The presedentiables have their own gimmick of convincing each and every voter in our country. Some resort to black propaganda, some exploit the weakness of evey Filipino, being sentinmental. This is the first time we will use a computerized voting system but the objective is still the same. Vote for the right person.

Even though there is little hope for an elected official to really do his job, we still hold on to that hope. We are proud to be Filipinos in other countries, thanks to Manny Pacquiao and to everybody else who bears the Philippine flag. But that is all just fame. We cannot convert fame into food that will feed the mouths of the hungry Filipino children. The power to solve those problems lie on the hands of the politician. They have the resources, they have the manpower. They have the fund, but they don't use it. They never return the money that came from the people. Heck I pay taxes from my salary, but I still pay more because of that effin' EVAT that was conveniently added on our basic needs. What the hell those guys did to our money?

It will be a miracle if we successfully voted for the right president. The future of the Filipino people is hanging on the balance.

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