Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Miracle that was EDSA People Power

The 1986 EDSA revolution was indeed a very historical event that will forever be in the hearts of every Filipino. The whole world was impressed and amazed by the courage and unity that our fellow Filipinos showed on that momentous day. It was indeed a miracle that no blood was spilled despite the massive APCs and numerous soldiers that were ready to kill. That's why the Our Lady of the Rosary a.k.a. EDSA shrine was build at the heart of EDSA to forever immortalize that divine intervention. Now, do we take for granted that miracle? Are we waiting for another miracle to manifest to stop the downfall of our country? Let us not waste what happened on that faithful day and be enslaved by corrupt politicians and government officials who feast on our wealth. We should not wait for the time when the miracle of EDSA people power will only be just a story to tell our grand children and not something that they cannot experience.

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