Monday, February 08, 2010

The Power of the Internet

Today was the 14th year anniversary of 24 Hours in Cyberspace. It was "the largest one-day online event" up to that date, headed by photographer Rick Smolan.The project brought together the world's top photographers, editors, programmers, and interactive designers to create a digital time capsule of online life.

It marked the cooperation of netizens through-out the world and to think 1996 was still the infancy of the commercial internet. Today, We reproduced that success by successfully decimating information from Ondoy to the Haiti tragedy. We used the vast power of the internet to spead awareness and to give our support. The advancement of the internet paralled to the advancement of help all over the world. No one is alone in this world now. Seek help and you shall find help. Truly, the flame of dedication of the the netizens 14 years ago is still burning until today.

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