Friday, March 12, 2010

First week in 3rd BU

As I timed-in on the DTR last Monday I saw the words 3rd BU VS Dept. below my name. I guess it's official that I'm no longer part of the 1st BU, the department that became my family. The first week is a week of adjustment. I no longer drop-off usually at 31st floor. I no longer open the lights and aircon like I usually do. I no longer fiddle with the things of my seatmate before opening my desktop and double checking my time in. It was sad but that's reality...

Today I got the chance to come to the 1st BU office for the soon to be married colleagues had a delicious treat. I got the chance to sit on my previous workstation and joke around with my former project mates. But as the clock stroke 3:30 I had no choice but to return once again to my new office. As painful as it is, I have to accept the reality that I am no longer part of the 1st BU.

Time to move forward. I need to be fair with my new family, the 3rd BU. I should not close my doors to them and I'll try my best to be part of their community.

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