Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Globe 4438

Have you seen the latest viral advertisement of Globe lately? It was shown over the internet and can be seen during primetime programming. So what is 4438? Learn everything after the jump

1)What is 4438?
Oops. Not too fast! We are all gonna find out all about 4438 on April 4! We’re just as excited as you are! But we can tell you this: a text message will be sent to you on that day and this message will surely make you and the rest of the 25 million Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers happy!

2)What text do we get from 4438?
What you will receive from 4438 is good news for all loyal Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers like you. Make sure your phone is with you the whole day on April 4 so you’d discover what it really is soonest.

3)Is this 4438 message free? Will I be charged?
Nope. Definitely not. You will NOT be charged for this. This good news is FREE.

4)What time will the text come in?
You will receive the message anytime within April 4. Make sure your cellphone is alive and kicking on this day so you won’t be the last to know what this awesome 4438 message is all about!

5)Who gets the text on April 4?
All Globe, Tattoo and TM subscribers will receive this special message from 4438 on April 4.

6)Is 4438 a promo?
It is NOT. Awesome, yes? Watch out for the text message from 4438 on April 4!

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