Thursday, March 18, 2010

Know thy Target

Serves 'em right.

Known and feared by sailors and considered as the terror of the high seas, the infamous Somali Pirates made a recent blunder by attacking a, guess what – a Dutch warship.

Yeah, you read it right. A WARSHIP.

With the success these pirates had in the past when it comes to hijacking ships traversing the Arabian Sea, it's quite surprising that they don't have any means in determining the identity of their target.

According to Yahoo! News, the crew of the HNLMS Tromp fired warning shots when they saw two small vessels approaching their ship. This thwarted the assault and convinced the suspected Somali Pirates to turn back.

EU Naval Forces personnel eventually caught up with the suspected pirates on another ship where they found ammunition and firearms on board. Authorities destroyed the two small vessels and set the pirates free on the ship where they were found, after it was cleared of weapons.

Quoting Cmdr. John Harbour, this incident shows "a lack of sophistication in the pirate's selection of targets" and that this serves as a warning "that the pirates will try to attack any vessel on the high seas."

What's going through my head right now was what could've been had the crew of the HNLMS Tromp didn't fire warning shots even if they were aware of the approaching vessels. It would've been like an episode of MTV's Punk'd.

Wait! That's a brilliant idea. If the Somali Pirates will attack any and I mean any ship, why not get a passenger liner, put Ashton Kutcher and a TV crew on board, add a group of heavily armed soldiers and some hulking UFC fighters into the mix, have them hide themselves, and once the SPs hop on board, the hidden passengers show up and you got a stick-'em-up-or-we'll-screw-you-badly scenario. And then Kutcher starts laughing and explaining to the SPs what's going on.

Now that's SWEET! With reference to Dude Where's My Car? -Marlone Viardo

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