Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Presidential candidate's sis hacks rival's website

How does an English Literature major hack someone else's website? Try asking 'Kris Aquino'.

According to reports from Yahoo! Philippines, a person using the female celebrity's name recently hacked the website of Sen. Manny Villar, who happens to be the opponent of Aquino's brother, Sen. Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino Jr., in the upcoming Presidential elections.

The hacker went as far as leaving a blog entry in Villar's website and then redirecting it to Noynoy's.

If you've been following Kris for some time, though she can afford the latest trends in technology and possesses the knowledge to utilize the features, she's not likely capable of pulling off something as complex as hacking.

Though you have to admit the blog post was kind of funny and could raise suspicion among Villar supporters.

We know Kris all too well because she's such an open book. Often, she would talk about her problems in public, whether it's breaking up with a comedian/former politician for a boyfriend, or having an MVP for a husband cheat on you, twice. And she ain't one to deny that she's filthy rich. She'll flaunt the most expensive stuff, and drink only an expensive brand of bottled water just so we know. She also speaks Taglish (A combination of Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, and English) with so much conviction, a reminder that she is among elites. Lastly, once she starts opening her mouth, expect her to sound overdramatic.

Try putting all the aforementioned into consideration and you just might think that Kris did write the subject post. Then again, even for someone like Kris, it's just too overdramatic. Then again, being the tactless woman that she is, it's not impossible for her to say stuff like that. Then again, she probably won't do something blatantly because it might ruin Noynoy's chances. Then again, maybe that's how she wants us to think, when in reality she is actually behind this and…this could go on forever (because even after the elections, the debate continues with some politicians whining and complaining about being cheated).

So what do you guys think?

Whatever the case may be, as we countdown the days to the May 2010 elections, things will only get nastier and the trend of dirty politics in the country continues… -Marlone Viardo

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