Saturday, March 20, 2010

Second week in 3rd BU

It was not long ago that I finally entered the 3rd Business Unit territory and my training is now at it's dawn. The part of me that was still holding on to the 1st BU was put to the test today as the admin announced the winner of the recent sportsfest. 1st BU was on 2nd place, a feat we never expected, as we jokingly told each other that we always won third in almost every event during the sportsfest, so we expected 3rd place. I couldn't explain the delight I had felt as I heard the news, the only thing is, I'm now on 3rd BU..I can no longer share the triumph with the 1st BU peeps, especially those on WEBCC. The JLPT passers were also announced. I suddenly remembered that I was planning to congratulate my project mates personally the moment they received their certificates, but that never happened today...and will never will.Anyway, unexpectedly, the newcomers,like me, were introduced in front of the whole business unit. It's like first day all over again. The uncertainties disappeared as I felt that I was welcome there. I'll try my best with my new family the way I did with 1st BU...

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