Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Yahoo! Sports loses Skeets to The Score

What's there to love about Canada?

Well there's Canadian Bacon, maple and the distinct accent. And for the sports fan in you, there's ice hockey, ice skating, the recent 2010 Winter Olympics, the Toronto Raptors, Steve Nash and J.E. Skeets.

Wait, J.E. who?

To be honest, I know very little about Canada and had very little interest until the South Park kids kept talking about it, and until Vince Carter started dunking in Air Canada Centre. Having a friend who spent some time in Canada also helped.

Ah, but Skeets, now that guy is All-Canadian. He gave me some idea what Canada is all about and influenced my blogging as well.

As a basketball junkie, I had to get my fix from NBA.com on a daily basis. But after accidentally running into Skeets at Yahoo! Sports, I realized there's life after NBA (game) through Ball Don't Lie.

Unlike the opinions posted by seasoned sportscasters in NBA.com, which focuses more on the nitty gritty of basketball, Skeets' take on matters, as well as that of other Yahoo! Sports bloggers, are often atoned to the lighter side. They talk about almost anything that has something to do with pro-ballers, related or unrelated to the game.

Skeets is the one who writes and edits entries for BDL. And though his arguments and opinions may not always seem valid, it definitely gives people something to talk about. Just check out a BDL entry and you'll find hundreds of comments and reactions below.

Thanks to his freestyle and loose approach, BDL is always an appealing alternative from all the hardcore, hard court stuff the NBA and NBA.com offers.

Fortunately, all that writing and podcasting has done some good for Skeets. After earning recognition for his works in BDL and The Basketball Jones, Skeets and co. got some love from The Score, who will now televise TBJ.

This event ends Skeets longtime partnership with Yahoo! Sports, and the end of all those hilarious-sometimes-doesn't-make-sense-albeit-entertaining blogs. This leaves me, and a lot of BDLers out there with nothing. You hear that Skeets. Nothing!

I'm not really much of a TBJ guy because I do most of my surfing at work. And since there are restrictions and a firewall in the office, I seldom watch and instead read entries in BDL. But now that Skeets is gone, it looks like the days of all those fun blogs are over.

Sure, I can always visit The Score (or maybe not thanks to firewalls), and someone as good is bound to take Skeets' place. But I can't deny that Yahoo! Sports won't be the same without the Canadian. And I probably won't ever get used to watching TBJ outside of BDL. Sorry Skeets.

Skeets presence will sorely be missed in the pages of Yahoo! and that's proof that he is among the things you could love about Canada. The best of luck Skeets. Ball don't lie man, ball don't lie. -Marlone Viardo

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Carlos Sandoval Jr. said...

A bit late, but I have to say, this was a heart-breaker, because the BDL was amazing with him. However, Trey Kerby's doing a pretty good job.