Friday, April 09, 2010

'Other' candidates - a second look

Follow the leader.

Based on various surveys and polls, Manny Villar and Noynoy Aquino are ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, people, especially the undecided, are being swayed by the numbers and are jumping on the bandwagon, trimming down their choices for the next President of the country to the two aforementioned aspirants.

One of the reasons that explains this phenomenon is that people believe that the other seven candidates running for President will lose anyway (due to lack of supporters), so instead, they vote for someone who can actually win this thing. A recent conversation with several taxi drivers, security guards and a communications officer for a prominent foundation shows that a lot of people have this kind of thing going through their mind.

After watching numerous forums on TV, listening to several interviews on radio and reading various articles on newspapers and websites, I'm not one to simply go with the flow without even looking at possible alternatives. I do have a knack for deviating.

Outside of Villar and Noynoy, there are seven candidates, and with a closer look, three of them might actually be more of a fit for the Presidency than the guys in yellow and orange.

We already know who they are but here's quick rundown and recap of the Presidential aspirants. Hope I wrote down something that could be useful for all the voters out there.

NUISANCE CANDIDATES. I think COMELEC shouldn't have allowed them to run because 1.) Their names don't ring a bell 2.) They don't have the resources to launch a nationwide political campaign.

JC de los Reyes - Seeing him stutter for countless times during the Presidential Forum in UST last 2 Dec 2009 are signs of hesitation and jitters. The youngest Presidential candidate may not be your traditional politician, but I'm under the impression the he's not ready for the big stage yet. I give him points for being idealistic and gutsy though, and that just shows he is a politician well beyond his years. I strongly believe JC de los Reyes will make a good leader in the future and is truly an asset of this country. I'd recommend this guy to run for office again, stay away from National posts for the meantime and get more experience first.

Nicanor Perlas - Man, had this guy ran for a different position, I guess there's good chance he'll win provided he gets himself a political party. A quick look at this guy's resumé and you'll see his got the skills, knowledge and credentials to serve the public. Heck, if he ran for councilor in a town or city, he's a shoe-in. One thing going against this guy is that he could be too articulate for his own good. If the masses can't appreciate you, you're hopes of becoming president is gone. After all, it's the masses you will be serving. And like de los Reyes, he still lacks the experience required in the field of public service.

WILD CARDS. Though not as unknown as the Nuisance Candidates, they still lack the resources and appeal to topple Villar and Aquino. But with a stroke of luck and some sort of gimmick, this people could give the top two candidates a run for their money.

Jamby Madrigal - Ja-ja-ja-Jamby. That jingle still brings back memories of a time when Judy Ann Santos was endorsing this candidate. And heck, that celebrity helped her win a seat in the House of Senate. Just shows how huge Juday's fan base is. Jamby is best remembered for voting against the E-Vat law (take that Recto) and for being part of Hayden Kho's proceedings (uhm, care to whisper?). For the most part of her political career, I think Jamby was decent lawmaker. And by decent, I mean average. You don't hear a lot of bad stuff about her and she got some work done from time to time. However, she doesn't command the attention that could help her win as President. Heck, she could stay in the Senate for a few more years to turn into a household name and still lose. Just look at Miriam Defensor-Santiago. She made a lot of heads turn during the height of her career and still came up short during the 1992 Presidential Elections.

Bro. Eddie Villanueva - Bro. Eddie previously ran for President back in 2004 and lost. Despite of this, he's back and is running for President again because he strongly believes that a leader with a strong religious foundation is best suited to run the country. His persistence somewhat wins over me in the sense that he still wants to serve the country even though he was turned down the first time around, like a jilted lover insisting to woo the love of his life. It's like he's making me believe that he really wants to be given the chance to transform this country no matter how many tries it takes. One thing going against him though is people are not really into electing religious leaders (with the exemption of Gov. Ed Panlilio) to political seats. That stuff about the separation of the Church and the State has a lot to do with it.

UNDERRATED. Well, I've saved the best for last. Presenting, the guys that could actually get the job done, or so I think:

Gilberto 'Gibo' Teodoro - Now if you're looking for a candidate more qualifed than Noynoy and Villar, this could be your guy. He's like Nick Perlas on steroids.

Pros: He's a bar topnotcher, so you know he won't need any legal adviser (saves us taxpayers from putting another guy on the payroll). Being a licensed commercial pilot, a reserve for the Phil. Air Force and a former DND Secretary also gives him an understanding of military matters and issues involving National Security. And you know he worked his butt off during Ondoy. He also knows his way around the political arena, serving as a Congressman for 1st district of Tarlac from 1998-2007.

Cons: People assuming that since he is supported by PGMA, he will eventually become her puppet. Also, the guns of the Ampatuans had the name of the DND written all over it.
Dick Gordon - This guy is actually a no brainer. I mean were talking about Dick Gordon. Is he knowledgeable? Is he credible? Is he skilled? Is he experienced? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Pros: He has a decent educational background that rivals that of Gibo and Perlas, although he had the audacity to admit he had his fair share of flunkings during high school. He also brings with him vast experience in public service, tracing back from being the Mayor of Olongapo, to being SBMA Chairman, up to being a Senator. He is best remembered for going against EO 464 despite being an Administration Senator. Just shows he can to stand up to his comrades without having the need to switch sides/parties. He also holds a key position in the Philippine National Red Cross, so you're assured that he's a humanist. And I don't think this guy would raise our taxes if he was elected. He's a money-making machine, and by that, I mean he knows how to get funds for the government outside of taking taxes.

Cons: A lot people I know say that this guy is a big fan of Uncle Sam, so there's a good chance decisions he will be making will often favor Americans. But aside from that, the media hasn't really picked up any bad stuff about this guy.

Joseph 'Erap' Ejercito-Estrada - The surprise candidate. Some of you might call me crazy for selecting someone who was impeached from Presidency, found guilty of plunder and sentenced to reclusion perpetua, but before you start bad mouthing please consider the following:
  1. Because of his political feud with PGMA, I can't help but think that the verdict on Erap was somehow influenced by Pres. Arroyo, after all, the Chairperson of Sandiganbayan was Hon. Teresita Jose Leonardo-de Castro, a PGMA appointee; and

  2. The media's reports of his gambling and drinking problems, jokes regarding his inability to speak fluent English and the so-called People Power II made the public prejudge Erap as a bad leader, and again, this somehow affected his image badly.

I think it's also worth mentioning that the people who forced Erap to step down from power weren't the masses. It's the people from the middle-class up to the elites. And like what my good friend, Jaymee Carlo Ebreo, once told me, it's inappropriate to call the upheaval against Erap EDSA II since all the elements present in the original EDSA Revolution weren't present during the ouster of Erap. And with that out of the way, the pros and cons of Erap:

Pros: Don’t get me started with his educational background – it's not that good. However, for someone who did not do well in school, he did a good job in his attempt to improve education and schools in the Philippines. During his tenure as mayor of San Juan, he renovated and built lots of schools. As President of the Philippines, he raised the wages of teachers. Aside from infrastructure development, Erap seems to be the only President who had succeeded in neutralizing the MILF. And since Erap was ousted, there's this sense of urgency to redeem himself from the eye of his critics and of course the Filipinos, so you get the feeling he's out there to prove something. I also like the idea to legalize Jueteng. It's a good source of funds for the government and takes the money away from the part-time Jueteng Lords (who are either full-time War Lords, Drug Lords, Gang Leaders or Syndicate Chiefs) who will just use the money from the game for some other dastardly activity.

Cons: Not the most educated man in the archipelago. Also an alleged drunkard and gambler.

So there you have it. I think these three guys should be the ones jostling for Presidency instead of Villar and Noynoy. The good thing about our democracy is that it allows us to select our leaders. So it's not a wise idea to simply use this opportunity to support someone who is liked by a lot of people, can afford a lot of TV ads and has the ability to win. We have to study our options carefully, and who knows, if you do your share to persuade people to vote for the candidate who we think is rightful for the title of President of the Philippines, he or she just might win. After all, come Election Day, the stats, surveys or polls don't matter no more because it's our vote that decides who gets to lead the country. -Just one man's opinion, Marlone Viardo


David D'Angelo said...

Nicanor Perlas has 40 years of experience in Public Service. He had been advising LGUs, the Office of the President, Senators and Congressmen on various issues. He had started and promoted organic agriculture, had led the banning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, had led the banning of 32 harmful pesticide, co-founded a microfinance foundation to help poor farmers and had been advising even the United Nations.

Nick Perlas qualification is far greater than that of Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar and the other candidates.

Please do a very thorough review of the website and you will see.

I do not agree as well that the Filipinos does not deserve an articulate president and that they only deserve what they are. We as a people deserve to have our highest aspirations and we must do it now.

Tama na! Tayo naman!

Justine Solano said...

shen is so right!
go nick! polls and surveys may say that he's one of the lowest but surveys and polls coupe only --16% of the total population of the philippines. i'm certain that nick has a big chance of winning. and an even bigger chance if he was only as rich & popular as the aquinos and villars

Unknown said...

Under the law, a nuisance candidate is: one who runs in mockery or disrepute of the election process; or has the same name as another candidate; or lacks a bonafide intention to run for the office he is running for. Now, based on these three (yes only three under the law), it is clear that Nick Perlas is definitely not a nuisance. I dare say, that the other top contenders could even fall under the "in mockery and disrepute of the election process" element and be the Nuisance. And Nick Perlas definitely DOES NOT lack the experience required in public service. He has been serving the public all 40 yrs of his life. We sadly equate experience with a position in government, forgetting that there are people who have worked diligently and successfully outside of the dirty world of politics, shaping policy, advising people in government, and changing the Filipinos' lives from the outside, even without the money and influence of government office. It is definitely nothing but the Presidency for Nick Perlas. (See why And lastly, you should believe more in the capabilities of Filipinos to discern and choose their leaders. The "masses" are not as simpleminded or dense as a lot of us set them out to be. They do appreciate what Nick Perlas has to say, especially when he does so with authenticity and utmost faith in our capacity as a people.

Unknown said...

well guys...what can you expect from a guy who thinks siopao master is a cool name?!
Well sorry "master" if Mr. Perlas dreamed big for Philippines...well if we are all guys like you...maybe WE are not worthy of such fate. Like Einstein said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

miki said...

HAHA. IMO, Erap is THE NUISANCE candidate. the theory that GMA (who pardoned him after all) pushed him to run in order to divide the oppositions is more believable than what you imply about him actually being a worthy leader.

GIBO helped railroad con-ass, which threatened what little remains of our democracy. as defense secretary, he EPICALLY FAILED to resolve the thousands of political killings and enforced disappearances committed under the arroyo regime. how can we trust our people's welfare and freedom to him? he may be intelligent and efficient in the things he does, but if what he does isn't RIGHT, what good would intelligence and efficiency be?

what you said about nicanor perlas being too articulate for his own good is an insult to the intelligence of voters. sadly, you are probably right. if people are always boxed in their notions of winnability, treating an election as if it were a cockfight or a reality talent show, we may never get a worthy leader.

Siopao Master said...

I'm sorry Microbial but you should read EVERYTHING first before commenting. Marlone Viardo wrote this article on my blog. I have nothing againts your comments or what Marlone wrote but making such comment without thoroughly reading is a sign of iodized salt deficiency

Unknown said...

You guys are missing the point. Perlas is more than qualified to run as pres. but he doesn't have experience in holding a national post, and that's the reason why people overlook him. Sure, he served as an adviser for lots of big names and held key positions in various orgs, but he lacks the know how to run a city or province, moreover, a country. An introduction to the political arena, by means of running for local posts (e.g. councilor, mayor, congressman), in my opinion, is in order. And that could boost his chances of winning as pres. next time around. Oh yeah, before posting the above enrty, I already visited his website. Check out and see where the link of his resumé redirects.

Daria said...

Natawa naman ako sa reply mo.

Ang kitid ng definition mo ng "know how".

Ang haba haba na nga ng listahan ng qualifications nung tao. Sa loob at labas ng bansa. Sa iba't ibang larangan. Bibigyan kita ng apat lang na achievements kasi baka malunod ka na:

- Alternative Nobel Peace Prize Winner
- Adviser on UN Millenium Development Goals
- Organic Farmer and Agricultural Activist
- Proponent of Steiner Education
- bonus! Nagtrain sya para sa Philippine Olympic Team (hindi lang pampamilya, pang is-ports pa talaga)

I-google mo nalang pag marami kang hindi maintindihan sa mga salita sa taas at para maunawaan mo kung bakit bigatin ang mga iyon.

Ano pa ba ang kailangan aralin ni Nicanor Perlas sa makitid na kahon na tinatawag mong "political arena"?

If you look at it in a broad sense the kind of experience he already garnered from his previous posts can seamlessly translate, even exceed, what is expected of a political post.

Kung tutuusin anu ba ang mga tipikal na katangian na identified sa mga pulitiko? Kelangan pa ba nyang daanan yung pagiging ganid, tamad at kurakot katulad ng mga trapo sa pusisyon?

Mas panalo pa nga na wala syang bahid ng pulitika kasi fresh ang perspektibo nya. Masipag. Innovative ang approach.

Hindi lang salita, may kasamang gawa. Wholistic approach - hindi makitid katulad ng masasabi ko sa pagiisip ng ibang tao dito.

At excuse me pero sino pinagmamayabang mo na Nick on steroids - si Gibo? You clearly have bad judgement.

Si Gibo nabigyan na ng pagkakataon magperform sa gubyerno pero pumalpak sya. Biruin mo nagpadala ng 13 boats lamang para sa rescue effort ng Ondoy. Hindi marunong sa math! 13 boats? Asan ang pondo para pambili ng mas marami pang boats?

Unknown said...

what's the difference?? you dont simply post something if you disagree w/ it. then post you're own thoughts, make your own stand.

Unknown said...

Eto lang yan e. Kung ayaw niyo yung nababasa niyo sa blog e di wag niyo basahin. Hehehe! Nakalagay naman sa dulo opinyon lang. Buti nga yung opinyon nya suportado ng facts, kaso di extensive.

Saka ang punto, magaling si Perlas, pero kung di mo alam ang pasikut-sikot at kalakaran sa gobyerno, lalamunin ka ng sistema. Ilang departamento at ahensya ng gobyerno ang hahawakan ng pangulo. May experience nga sya sa gobyerno, pero hindi naman sobrang relevant para magpatakbo ng isang bansa. May weight ang achievements nya pero tingin ko rin need nya exp sa politics. Hands-on ha! Hindi bilang adviser or secretary or achuchu.

@miki. TAMA! Hindi pa handa ang Pinas para kay Perlas. Kailangan muna niyang gumawa ng isang bagay na pupukaw sa atensyon ng masa. Kung tatanungin mo ang isang mahirap, ano ba ang pakialam at alam niya sa Nobel Peace Prize? Ang magiging basehan e ano ba naging project mo and dahil di pa pulitiko si Nick, e d wala ;-)

Pliers and Screw said...

I don't like the idea na "pag ayaw niyo yung nabababasa niyo e di wag niyo basahin."

Ganyan na ba tayong mga Pilipino? We don't engage in fruitful discussions? Meron ngang mga na-ooffend, but look at most of the responses, they bring up more ideas and more opportunities that we can understand the issues.

We think that when we have an opinion, untouchable na yung mga ideas natin... THAT'S WRONG! We must learn to listen and talk. Wag tayong maging sakim sa karunungan.

As for my thoughts on the presidency, it's quite obvious. Most of those running have been in office in the last administration and failed to bring forth the glory of the nation.

Tingnan mo nalang 90% of the entire Filipino population are living under the poverty line. Where does the whole idea of being not ready for change and new politics come in? You decide.

Pliers and Screw said...

By the way, I listened to a lot of presidential debates, interviews and forums. And I can see the responses here focus a lot on Nicanor Perlas.

I know why he's running for presidency. Just like JC de los Reyes and Eddie Villanueva... the problem is not on the legislature (congress, senate), the biggest problem is at the Office of the President; it's where all kinds of corruption comes in.

Kung konsehal, senador lang sila tatakbo e ang dami na namang mga batas na naipasa - MATITINO 'tong mga batas na 'to. But where's the enforcement? Kaya nga presidency ang hinahanap nitong mga alternative candidates natin. The Philippines need a worthy leader.

To say that we're not ready for alternative candidates is sad cause the Philippines doesn't deserve another 6 years of suffering.

Kibin said...

i read , "I think COMELEC shouldn't have allowed them to run because 1.) their names don't ring a bell 2.) They don't have the resources to launch a nationwide political campaign.".. I stopped.

These reasons are just too shallow... (and very traditional thinking). Popularity and Machinery, your basis for a person to run? EEeeeeew.

Meh, this blog is a waste of my time.

yeeh said...

Eh kung hindi pa handa ang Pinas kay Perlas, eh parang sinabi mo na rin na ayaw nila ng pagbabago at pag-unlad. At wala naman talaga tayong basehan kung ano ang iniisip ng Pinas para masabi nga na ganun talaga iniisip nila. Hindi naman malayo na isipin na pagod na sila sa mga usual trapo na madalas ay may experience na inside the government.

Ang daming experience ni Perlas outside the government. Anong masasabi ng mahirap na prinotektahan ni Nick yung mga lokal na magsasaka para alisin yung mga exploitative policies ng ASEAN sa kanila? Marami. Mas marami sana ang naghihirap kung hindi nilabanan yun.

Note na niyaya na siya ni Gloria para sa DENR post pero tinanggihan niya ito. Kasi alam nating hindi ka magsusurvive at mag-thrive ang isang matinong official sa isang corrupt government nang hindi sumusunod sa traditions nito. Sa labas ang pinaka epektibo pwera na lang kung ikaw yung nasa tuktok as President.

BTW, Gibo has experience in government pero naka sama pa ito. Failure nga talaga kung tignan mo lang yung Ampatuan at yung Ondoy reponse time. Hindi talaga prepared. Mas marami pang airtime ng preparation kaysa sa response time.

Daria said...

isa ka pang di nagbabasa at di nagresearch. Sinabi ko na nga i-google yung achievements. Apat na nga lang ang nilista di mo pa inaral ng mabuti.

Ilang beses na na underqualified ang nahahalal sa pagkapangulo, virgin sa politika. Si Cory comes to mind. Nakakaraos ang bansa natin.

Pano pa kaya kung may pinuno na handa, magaling, higit pa sa larangan ng pulitika pero sa iba pang mahahalagang sektor na relevant sa bansa? Ang saya siguro maging Pilipino.

It does not always follow na taga loob ang best person for the job.
To use your words, baka mas lalo lang lalamunin ng sistema. Minsan mas productive pa nga pag tagalabas. Andaming leader na ganun, di ko na i-eenumerate.

At masyado mong minamaliit ang mga mahihirap. Wala man siguro silang pakialam at alam sa Alternative Nobel Peace Prize (magkaiba yung Aternative Nobel sa Nobel para lang alam mo - baka kasi tamarin ka uli mag google) pero mas makakabuti para sa kalagayan nila na ganitong klaseng kalibre ng magiging pinuno nila.

Hindi pa handa ang Pinas para kay Perlas? Hindi ba overdue na ang bansa natin para sa ganitong leader?

I will leave you with Nick's Philstar article. Maganda yung format nito para sa mga tamad magresearch na katulad mo. Q&A lang sya. Madaling i-digest.

Sana naman sipagin mong basahin para may informed choice ka bago bumoto. Subukan mong i-compare yung Philstar articles ni Nick sa ibang kandidado para ma-appreciate nyo kung klase ng skills, deep understanding of the issues na pwedeng nyang dadalhin sa Malacanang.

Eto na nga ang stand ko o. Ang haba haba na ng pinagsusulat ko dito. Anung pinagsasabi mo dyan?

Hehe, nakakatawa - actualy nakakalungkot na may mga tao na katulad nyo, na, binibigyan na ng excellent option, insist on settling for a mediocre choice.

Sebastian Rodriguez Parker said...

sa akin lang:




Sebastian Rodriguez Parker said...

a mi parecer, hindi naman siguro pwedeng tawagin sina JC at Nick bilang nuisance candidates. I just watch the debates, at yung mga nuisance mo e mukhang may binatbat naman.on the other hand, agree ako na "Their names do not ring any bell". 10% chances lang na sila ay mananalo. But who knows? baka mulat na ang mga Pilipino sa pagboto, na hindi binabase sa kasikatan ng kandidato ang pagboto sa kanila. God knows the best.

blood on the mirror said...

Politics is a very dark issue here isn't it?

Anyway, to go straight to the point I'll just quote what I heard from a very smart man:

"Vote for who you truly believe in, and not who's popular in the polls. Don't vote for the guy that everyone else votes. If you REALLY believe in this guy, then vote for him/her."

Polls are just a guideline. It is possible that the guy who's high in the polls doesn't actually win.

Unknown said...

When you say experience in running a country it does not only come from actually being able to become an elected politician. You can garner experience from lots of other ways. By what Perlas has achieved he had vast experience on it already.