Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pope Online

The age of the internet is undeniable. Recently there was the "Burol" online where relatives of the dead can view a live streaming video of their beloved thanks to St. Peter memorial. Recently there was also the "Bisita Iglesia" online where you can visit some Catholic Churches at the comfort of your home. Now even the Roman Pontiff has his own website. I'm talking about the 265th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. yes folks, Benedictus XVI, Episcopus Romae now has his own website. It consist mostly of links to most of the social network wherein the Pope can be seen, like Facebook or Youtube. Heck there's even an iPhone App for him! The website is preparation for the 44th World Day of Communication this coming May. His message is to let the current internet media be a tool in spreading the Word of God.

The name of the site is Pope2You

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